There Are Only 8 Different Types Of Emails

Hi Everyone

As Easter is approaching…

I thought I would give you help to write some emails to your customers.

You see, part of email marketing is having the ability to construct a message
which resonates with your customers.

And by this I mean…

Write an email which follows a proven, successful, logical format.

Now, before you get all nervous and say, “I can’t write.”
I am going to simplify things for you.

You see…

Once you have the format or formula it will be easy to plugin in and insert
the words you wish to say.

So to help – when you wish to send an email out to your customers
the first step is to decide which type of email you should send.


once this is decided it will make the task of writing so much easier.

So, the first step to remember is:

There Are Only 8 Different Types Of Emails.

Yes, only 8, and once you have copied these onto your desktop, you will
easily be able to construct a meaningful email to your list.

Ok, there is a little bit more to it then just sending out an email but…
these 8 different types will help you on your way.

Email Type One: Tell a Story

This email type is about telling your customers a personal story.  Make it
conversational, make it about yourself, your business. It doesn’t really
matter but it must come from the heart.

The story could be about your family, a personal experience anything which
you believe people would be interested in.


Link it back to a product or service you are offering.

The key here is the story should reveal emotions. It doesn’t need to
be a literary masterpiece but it should reflect an honest, open dialogue
with your customers.

Here’s an example of how I used Email Type One in a recent email:

Email Type Two: Discuss a Spec.ial Event

This email type allows you to discuss a seasonal holiday or spec.ial event.

You could comment on the winning/losing of an award. i.e the Academy
Awards, the Grammy’s or the Logies.  You could then relate this back to
what awards your business has won.

It allows you to plan a series of emails and is one which you can
program a major campaign on.

Easter is the class.ic example here. It’s honoured everywhere and
it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as it is generally celebrated
around the same time of the year.

How can you tie Easter into your email marketing?

I find it’s best to comment on events which covers both Northern and
Southern hemisphere’s as I have clients in both.

Easter is a logical choice at this time of year.  Don’t miss out on this
seasonal oppor.tunity.

Here is a copy of a recent Easter email marketing campaign.

You could also bring into play your birthday.

One of my best campaigns was centred around my birthday.

I was able to joint venture with a meals/bar venue who offered my clients
a fr*ee nachos for two.  The venue gained 32 new patrons who bought drinks and hopefully
enjoyed themselves to return.

It was the best marketing campaign they had ever run.

I was seen by clients as a great friend for supplying the nachos.

And the bottom-line is…

“People buy from Friends.”

My clients stayed with me and bought even more.

Try this one – see if you can joint venture with another business who would
be happy to offer something fr*ee to your clients.

Email Type Three: Comment on a Spec.ial Media or Social Event

This type of email means you need to be up with current events.

You could discuss elections (be careful and stay neutral).

Another way to use this Email Type is to discuss what’s happening around the country
or world.

You could use sports, you could use politics or you could use weather patterns, such as
cyclones, earthquakes, floods.

Whatever you use try not to alienate too many of your customers.

Without solid knowledge of their ‘belief and value system’ it could
back fire on you.

Here is how I used it to comment on a media release from a company in
Brighton, England.

Email Type Four: Media Personality Comment

This an extension of Email Type Three.

The difference between #3 and #4 is number four is about a specific person and
their actions.

You could take a moral standpoint of a celebrity like Sandra Bullock’s husband,
Tiger Woods but… again be careful.

How this links back to your product or service is crucial if you
wish to go down this path.

You could mention upcoming tours of bands, well known artists.

In Australia, Carole King and James Taylor are about to tour together.
This could be a great segue to discuss how partnering can be so advantageous.

You are only limited by your own imagination here.

Here is an example of how I managed to tie in P.T Barnum into an email.


Well, here are the first four Email Types.

  1. Email Type One: Tell a Story;
  2. Email Type Two: Discuss a Spec.ial Event/Holiday
  3. Email Type Three: Comment on a Spec.ial Media or Social Event; and
  4. Email Type Four: Media Personality Comment

Think about how you can use these to converse with your customers.
Often we don’t do anything because we don’t know what to say.

Now you do – well at least you have half of the types of marketing emails there are.

Stay tuned for my next email where I will discuss and give examples of Email Types #5-#8.

Cheers and Great Selling

Kurt Johansen
Email Mastery

PS: What ever you decide, KEEP MARKETING.

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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt


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