It Was My Easter Too…

It was interesting catching up with people after the Easter break. Everybody asked the same question. How was your Easter ? Depending on who asked the question the answer differed. For instance... When David asked me I told him, "Full of Beers and Full of Cheers !" When Mark asked I answered, "Damn Sydney races abandoned on … [Read more...]

If You Are Too Shy – Email Them

If you are too shy to phone your customers then Email them.  Don't give them an excuse to go to another supplier. Believe In Yourself … [Read more...]

I find most of my clients use Email Types 2 & 3 the most

It always intrigues me when I have a client who is in a dilemma what to write to their clients. They get confused or are unsure of how to add meaning to their emails. Like the other day...this statement was said to me. "Kurt, it is Ok for you. You do this all the time." My answer... "Yes I do.  But I also have a system which helps … [Read more...]

Australia Post Or Email ? – Part 2

With the price of stamps and the delay in delivery time announced by Australia Post recently it makes sense to move your customer database over to online. Why? Because… You can send emails to them much more cost effective than the old snail mail. And… You can send multiple messages, multiple times closer together. However, it isn’t about totally … [Read more...]

Australia Post Or Email ?

Australia Post - don't you just love them. In the next 10 years they are forecasting to lose $12.1 billion. That is serious Moolah ! So what do they wish to do to prevent this ? Simple... Increase prices and slow down deliveries. Yep, Australia Post wishes to delay you getting your letter by taking 300% extra time to deliver and also... Charge … [Read more...]

Inside: 7 Tips On How To Write Better Email Subject Lines

Just like an article in the newspaper, the Subject Line of your email (the Article Headline in the newspaper) is the most important element to grab your readers' attention. If you have a compelling subject line the chance of your email being opened improves dramatically. In a recent survey, 85% of businesses reported increased … [Read more...]

Unless You Are A Meerkat…

To answer the common question I receive about email marketing which is: "What Do I Write ?"; I have many responses. After a few questions back to the enquirer I finish off with one main theme. "It's All About Them !" That is right.  It is not about you.  It is about the email recipient. For instance. The customer does not care about your xxxx year … [Read more...]

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