Do Not Make This Mistake In Your Business

Mother's Day has come and gone and many a cheer, good wishes and/or tears were probably had. I found an interesting scenario came my way which lost a sale for a supermarket and prompted me to let you know about it so you do not make this mistake in your business. Let me explain. I had organised to take my 83 year old mother out to lunch and thought … [Read more...]

Stop Press ! “They Will Not Read Every Message You Send” Get Over It.

When it comes to sending emails many business owners ask themselves... Do I ? Don't I ? Do I ? Don't I ? They get confused about: • What to say; • When to say it; and • How frequently to say it. Then there are people telling them to get into social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the next big thing will be. The funny thing … [Read more...]

It Was My Easter Too…

It was interesting catching up with people after the Easter break. Everybody asked the same question. How was your Easter ? Depending on who asked the question the answer differed. For instance... When David asked me I told him, "Full of Beers and Full of Cheers !" When Mark asked I answered, "Damn Sydney races abandoned on … [Read more...]

If You Are Too Shy – Email Them

If you are too shy to phone your customers then Email them.  Don't give them an excuse to go to another supplier. Believe In Yourself … [Read more...]

The Mystery To Get Away From Work – Solved

Ross is a financial planner.  And a pretty good one by all accounts. Ross always seems to be on holidays. Not a European River Cruise or an African Jungle Safari but Ross likes to take breaks. He enjoys time away from the office and recently told me the secrets to his apparently "free" ways. Ross calls them his Golden Rules. Maybe they can help you … [Read more...]

I find most of my clients use Email Types 2 & 3 the most

It always intrigues me when I have a client who is in a dilemma what to write to their clients. They get confused or are unsure of how to add meaning to their emails. Like the other day...this statement was said to me. "Kurt, it is Ok for you. You do this all the time." My answer... "Yes I do.  But I also have a system which helps … [Read more...]

You should be like the Lioness

I was talking to a business owner this morning. One that has been receiving my emails for many years yet hasn't started to email market to their customers. When I asked why, the reply came back... "Because we are too proud to use email.  We create glossy brochures and advertise on the radio and T.V.  "We are beyond email marketing." "OK"  I … [Read more...]

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