It’s Never Too Late

I received an email yesterday from Maria asking if it is too late to send a Father's Day email out to her clients. In typical fashion the answer was... "It Depends." It depends if Maria wants to make more money than she would have if she doesn't send the email. You see whenever you ask yourself, "Should I" the response should be (well in most … [Read more...]

Better still copy and paste and print it out

I have a question to ask you  but first... The last 60 days have been intriguing. For 30 days I travelled 7,000 klms around Australia visiting my clients then... the past 30 days I was held captive by one to work solely for them. Locked away from the normality of life I was commissioned to write 400 pages of succinct, clear, incisive and … [Read more...]

Lesson 2 From My Australian Ventures – Pricing

My recent ventures around Australia heralded many questions. If you missed last week's post and content here it is again. These Two Common Themes Existed For Each Business Person Another major question from my clients was... "How do I price my products and services ?" Now of course this is a question easily answered with, 'It depends.' But … [Read more...]

This Statement Grabbed Me Like No Other

This week I heard a statement. It was delivered by a US Military Captain. What was so special about this statement ? Well.. The statement should resonate to the heart of every business owner. It should resonate to the very fabric of society. We should be telling our children this. Our parents. Our grandparents. By gees even our politicians, no … [Read more...]

How Not To Engage With People

I need to let you know about a weird and dumb experience I had recently with a Facebook 'friend'. The word friend is interesting in itself because Facebook people are acquaintances but are they really friends? Like I mean... Don't you invite friends over to your place for a BBQ and a glass of red ? Anyway back to the point I wish to make with this … [Read more...]

My Waterbed Broke

A strange thing happened to me on Sunday night. My four-poster waterbed bladder ripped open with a monster size hole and blasted out 889 litres of water into my bedroom. For two excruciating hours I feverishly fought the onslaught of gushing torrent using 7 towels, 2 cut-off siphoning hoses and 4 x 10 litre buckets to remove as much water as I … [Read more...]

Do Not Make This Mistake In Your Business

Mother's Day has come and gone and many a cheer, good wishes and/or tears were probably had. I found an interesting scenario came my way which lost a sale for a supermarket and prompted me to let you know about it so you do not make this mistake in your business. Let me explain. I had organised to take my 83 year old mother out to lunch and thought … [Read more...]

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