Stop Press ! “They Will Not Read Every Message You Send” Get Over It.

When it comes to sending emails many business owners ask themselves... Do I ? Don't I ? Do I ? Don't I ? They get confused about: • What to say; • When to say it; and • How frequently to say it. Then there are people telling them to get into social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the next big thing will be. The funny thing … [Read more...]

It Was My Easter Too…

It was interesting catching up with people after the Easter break. Everybody asked the same question. How was your Easter ? Depending on who asked the question the answer differed. For instance... When David asked me I told him, "Full of Beers and Full of Cheers !" When Mark asked I answered, "Damn Sydney races abandoned on … [Read more...]

It Is The Only Thing That Matters

With pens in their hand they were ready. 1/3 of the crowd pondered it, 1/3 of the crowd ignored it and 1/3 of the crowd got it. I was not disappointed. It was the result expected. This is what usually happens from my opening line in a recent keynote talk to a group of tradespeople last Saturday. I learned this from a master sales person and … [Read more...]

My Mother Bought A Walker

It was a phone call I expected. It was always going to come. Let me take you back 12 months first though... Last February my mother fell over and at 82 it was not a pleasant experience for both of us. She got over it, not sure if I have, but she was up and walking around within 72 hours. This little tipple also tripped her mind. One day she entered … [Read more...]

When Emails Go Wrong…

Emails are used for a variety of reasons these days. Whilst I have written a book... There Are Only 8 Different Types Of Emails Emails can be categorised into 3 areas. Emails which contain Content and or Information; Emails which contain Promotional/Sale Items; Emails which are about building the Relationship with your recipient. Here is an … [Read more...]

Unless You Are A Meerkat…

To answer the common question I receive about email marketing which is: "What Do I Write ?"; I have many responses. After a few questions back to the enquirer I finish off with one main theme. "It's All About Them !" That is right.  It is not about you.  It is about the email recipient. For instance. The customer does not care about your xxxx year … [Read more...]

When Do You Stop Sending Emails ?

Seems to be with each post I make I get another enquiry about email marketing. Which I love. The latest contact came from Gabriela who lives in Brazil. Yes... Brazil.  (I have always wanted to go there !) Now Gabriela asked me, "What I do to turn a Prospect into a Customer ?" By definition a Prospect is someone who is 'Interested' in your product … [Read more...]

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