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Mobile Phone Number Blockage

An interesting discussion I just had with one of my clients. You see he rang me to ask a question about a seminar happening on copywriting this Saturday. When he called the number on my mobile showed 'withheld' which means he had blocked his phone number from being seen. Or in other words he didn't wish to reveal the phone number he was calling … [Read more...]

Appearing Now in Technorati

Hi I'm posting to Technorati and are about to let the spiders loose. <a href="" rel="me">Technorati Profile</a> Cheers and Great Selling Kurt Johansen International Pty Ltd Direct: 0412 94 77 33 … [Read more...]

How to Answer All Those Difficult HR Questions

"Announcing The New HR Manual That Has Done All The Hard Work For You." Hi Are you responsible for putting together the company's HR policies and Procedures? It can be tough at times, can't it? Do you find your staff asking questions regarding their entitlements? Are you worried you may not be complying with the entire … [Read more...]

The Secret Behind Every Single Major Product Launch Revealed

What is a marketer's most powerful skill? Hi Everyone, I received an email from Armand Morin the other day and I have just typed it's subject and first question exactly as I received it. That is: "The Secret Behind Every Single Major Product Launch Revealed" and What is a marketer's most powerful skill? I mean, Armand Morin, a person … [Read more...]

How to Write Sales Letters and Ads That Work

"When it comes to writing sales and marketing copy the only place to go is..." Hi Everyone What do people like Paul Blackburn, Alan Hewitt, Mal Emery, Andrew & Daryl Grant, Wayne Pickstone and many others in Australia have? Haven't heard of them...? Well, that's OK because these people are marketing gurus who sell millions of dollars … [Read more...]

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