Archives for April 2008

Helping Out A Friend With Blogs

"It's Tough To Learn This Stuff On Your Own but when you do you will saying, What Took Me So Long" Today I am showing a friend about Blogs. It's the best and easiest way to let people know what your are doing and to keep customers up to date. My friend has a website about safety equipment and they are keen suppliers to small and medium … [Read more...]

Marketing Successfully To Your Database

"The Bank of England" Hi Everyone Have you ever heard the phrase 'Safe as the Bank of England" ? Well, this post will start you on, your way to ensuring your marketing efforts will be just as reliable. One of the greatest challenges for a business is to successfully inform their clients of their products, services, up coming events and … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Blogs Spicier

Hi I just discovered a cool site which will make your blog sites easier to maintain. Most people I talk to don't know how to keep up the content to make it interesting for people to come back to. The site is at You can download a tool to spice up your content. There are articles to discover, photos you can … [Read more...]

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