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To Make A New Year’s Resolution Or Not?

Hi Everyone New Year upon us and do we make a resolution or not. Most of us don't keep them so for 2009 I am going to change my thoughts and NOT make a New Year's Resolution, instead... I am going to make quicker and more decisive decisions starting with this one. I am going to cease watching the six o'clock news stories except for … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone Just a short note to say Merry Christmas and may you end 2008 in peace and joy. Cheers and Great Selling Kurt … [Read more...]

“What’s The Difference Between P.T. Barnum & Sylvester Stallone?”

Hi Everyone What IS the difference between these two incredibly gifted men. Read what Phineas T. Barnum wrote 128 years ago and then... listen to Tony Robbins tell a 9 minute story about the man who wrote Rocky. Leave a comment and tell me what you think the difference is because .... well I'm truly interested. Here's what … [Read more...]

“Phineas T Barnum Said This 128 Years Ago”

And it's oh so true today. Hi Couldn't wait could you - you had to see what the man who created the 'Greatest Show On Earth', P.T. Barnum said didn't you. That's Ok, you are not alone. ENJOY... Extract from P.T. Barnum's The Art of Money Getting - Golden Rules for Making Money. "You may advertise a spurious article, and induce … [Read more...]

“We Have R*oom To Help Another Seven People With Their Christmas Sales”

and bring in extra ca*sh to your business RIGHT NOW ! Hi We have just finished sending out email campaigns for the last two businesses who signed up for our spec*ial $197 (plus gst) offer I sent out last week. This is where you sa*ve a whopping $2,497 by not having to build your own email marketing system but use our "Missile Marketing" … [Read more...]

“Does Your Marketing Get This Response?”

Hi Everyone If you wish to get the best from your marketing then you need to adopt a simple. quick, and easy method to relate to your customers. The best way to do this is via email marketing. We provide an all up service, by way of formatting, editing, testing and delivering your email campaigns so you get on to do what you do … [Read more...]

Boost Your Festive Season Sales

 Hi Everyone "Looking for those extra Christmas Sales..." WELL it's not too late to get your customers to order If you are looking to make more sales this time of the year this is the ideal time to contact your mailing list. Many people ponder for hours over what to get their families and friends for Christmas. They rack their … [Read more...]

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