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“7 Gangbuster Email Marketing Tips To Get You Ready For Christmas”

Hi Everyone Grab these 7 Gangbuster Tips to get your bonanza Christmas holiday rush. Gosh it's Only 4 months to go until Christmas. It really isn't that far away. If you haven't started thinking about your Christmas email marketing campaigns then, I suggest it may be time to. Your campaigns should start in the beginning of November … [Read more...]

Be Dynamic In Your Client’s Life

Hi Everyone "Are You Dynamic In Your Client's Life?" It is just a sign of the times that in today's society cynicism is at an all time high. People trust less. Which means it's tough to make your marketing work. True business relationships and longevity of clients is based on trust. And never before have we had to prove things to … [Read more...]

Extra Email Marketing Tips

Hi Everyone In my previous posts I have detailed there are three Key Factors in emailing marketing. 1. The List; 2. The Relationship with your list; and 3. The Offer you make to them. Yet, how do we manage to gain a sound relationship with our clients? By using these extra 7 Tips: - They Will Work. 1.  Make sure you are using … [Read more...]

“How Many People Should Approve My Email Marketing Messages?”

Hi Everyone I came across a very interesting question from a client. They asked me to suggest to them the best number of people who should make up their email marketing team. You see they wished to have a graphic artist, copywriter, several department members and a few interested parties to be called upon for email marketing … [Read more...]

Email Marketing For The Fish and Chip Shop

Hi Everyone Last week I placed a post about this question I received from the local Fish and Chip shop owner. “This email stuff you do, it couldn’t possibly work for us!” and... my reply was... “Why not?  Seems to me you are in a perfect business for it to be used.  Plenty of daily/weekly customers enter your … [Read more...]

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