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“Email Is Just A Tool”

Hi Everyone Yes, Email is just a tool. Email and the use of it should not be placed on such high grounds for it to be regarded as the be-all-and-end-all. Used correctly it is the most cost effective means to get your message out there. It can convey emotion by the words you use, it can reveal by the videos you include, it can even make … [Read more...]

“They Are All The Same Word”

Hi Everyone “Sales, Influence, Negotiation, Persuasion”, are all the same word. It doesn’t matter what our belief system is; we are all into one of these. The trick  is to give so much value the person feels wonderful during and after the experience. If you have a good product and it is fairly priced and you are ethical then… … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – How Often? It Depends…

Hi Everyone I am often asked, “How often should I send out email marketing messages.” and the simple answer is… it DEPENDS. Yes, it all depends on the outcome you are trying to achieve and the relationship you have with your list. Let me explain. If you have a launch of a new product, service or opening of a new store then … [Read more...]

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi Everyone I have been extremely busy over the past weeks talking to new clients and putting together their Christmas email marketing campaigns. Gees, there is hope and optimism abound at the moment which is enlightening. If you listen to negative talk about the economy, the financial crisis, how bad everything is then you are talking to … [Read more...]

“Gosh, Someone Has A Good Memory… “

Hi Everyone I received a call from a person on my lists and asked if my "2009 5 x 5  x 5 Christmas Promotion" was still going. I had to let them know that I filled 4 spots pretty quick earlier in the week and there was one left.They grabbed it. They then scolded me: "Kurt,  last year you offered 7 spots in your Christmas promotion, why … [Read more...]

“Read This Email Before You Start A Christmas Marketing Campaign “

Hi Everyone For the past few weeks I have been putting together my 2009 Christmas Promotion for you and now it's ready. In a nutshell: It's an opportunity for you to use my knowledge and expertise  to create an email marketing campaign for  Christmas you. To be successful at email marketing you need two key elements. 1. Email … [Read more...]

“I’m Just Putting Together The Final Touches To…”

Hi Everyone I'm just putting together the final touches to this year's 2009 Christmas Promotion for you. If you haven't thought about what you will be doing for your clients this year then you should get a move on.There is less than 2 months to go to Christmas and you do not wish to rush something out at the last minute.  Do you.Christmas sales … [Read more...]

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