Archives for February 2010

“Bali Reveals 3 Major Lessons”

Hi Everyone "Bali Reveals 3 Major Lessons" But first... For the past 12 days I have been a guest on the Isle of Bali. Primarily, I was there to conduct a three-day email marketing program for a number of switched on business owners. I then relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the time with my family which included my wife and sons … [Read more...]

“Your awesome!!! I bloody love it! Thanks heaps – LISA & FORDY”

Hey Kurt, Thanks to you I am now creating my POSITIONING (think I got that right) in the industry, we have been working on my marketing material and attached our flyer with your testimonial on it. So far I've made up 7 Hair Profile Packs and they went quickly as a result of my first ad in the local paper and the feed back has been … [Read more...]

“How To Use Your Emails To Drive People To Your Website”

Hi Everyone "How To Use Emails To Drive People To Your Website" A sound tactic of any email campaign is to be very clear what you would like people to do after they have read it. Your email should be written with an intent, a purpose of mind, a clear end result on how you would like the recipient to act. In the copywriting business we … [Read more...]

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