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Email Marketing – There Are Only 8 Email Types (cont’d)

Hi Everyone In my last post I spoke about and gave examples to Email Marketing Types #1 - #4. Knowing the 8 different email marketing types and how they are used  is very powerful for the email marketer. Learn and use these as described and watch your email statistic rates soar. To recap, here are the first 4 email types: 1. Email … [Read more...]

There Are Only 8 Different Types Of Emails

Hi Everyone As Easter is approaching... I thought I would give you help to write some emails to your customers. You see, part of email marketing is having the ability to construct a message which resonates with your customers. And by this I mean... Write an email which follows a proven, successful, logical format. Now, before you get all … [Read more...]

“How To Use Video In Your Marketing”

Hi Everyone Businesses should use video in their marketing. How to do it and what to do with the video is the crucial element to this post. By creating relevant videos businesses can increase the visibility of their products and services and explain, in a visual form, the benefits of them to their prospects and customers. One of the … [Read more...]

“Did you receive these 17 brochures in your letterbox ?”

Hi Everyone I was out visiting a client the other day and was amazed when I returned to my office. I parked the car in the normal spot. Walked the 5 or 6 metres to the front door of my office and I grinned as I witnessed through the window, the excitement of my Golden Retriever and Lhasa Apso, happily wagging their tails to see … [Read more...]

What’s In Store For Email Marketing 2010

Hi Everyone Increased personalisation & targeting 53.8%  and Improved message titles &  subject lines 52.4% is what businesses surveyed by Get Response want to improve with their email marketing this year. Plus... An increase in customer loyalty special offers. There is also an interesting result in  the intent … [Read more...]

2010 Email Marketing Forecast

Hi Everyone Target Marketing conducted a survey of its print subscribers in January 2010. Here are the results: Most businesses will not increase the amount they spend on advertising or marketing this year. They will allocate it differently though. They intend to increase their investments in email marketing, pay-per-click, SEO … [Read more...]

“Yesterday’s Post Raised A Few Questions From People”

Hi Everyone "Yesterday's Post Raised A Few Questions From People" And rightfully so. It's sometimes a bit too much to get your head around. I have listed a few questions below because you may have also thought of these. But before I answer them, I am suggesting you should be contacting your clients regularly. And with Easter coming … [Read more...]

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