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Email Marketing and Mother’s Day

Hi Everyone The next big day in the sales calendar is Mother's Day. It's a day when we rejoice and bless who and what this wonderful person has been. Or... is in our lives. Now I know some people may not wish to acknowledge their mother and for them I respect that. For others though they take this day most seriously and ponder … [Read more...]

When Email Marketing Meets Mother’s Day

Hi Everyone Are You Prepared For Mother's Day?" Gosh, you have just got over Valentines Day, Easter and now you need to get ready for Mother's Day. but you shouldn't despair... No... you should be grateful these consumer days exist because it gives you time to plan and help your clients. Let me explain... These special days … [Read more...]

Easter Is Over – So What is Next?

Hi Everyone For the email marketer, Easter is over, so what is next in-line. It doesn't need to be a certain event, though these critical times in the consumer spending habits work well - it could just be about letting people know what more you can do for them. For instance... what problems or concerns have you solved for a customer … [Read more...]

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