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Email Marketing – Use Large Buttons

Hi Everyone When email marketing make sure you use large buttons for people to click onto. With so many emails now being read via mobile phones it will make it easy for recipients to action the way you wish. Cheers and Great Selling Kurt … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Smart Phone Users, Are They Important To Us?

Hi Everyone Should we be worried about whether a person reads their emails via a Mobile (Smart) Phone or not? You see, with the amount of mobile phones being sold (the numbers apparently outstrip sales of PC's and Mac's combined) many people check their emails by their phone. Let's take a quick look at this. The mobile phone is small, … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Do They Check Email or Facebook First

Hi Everyone Yes, it's a question ALL email marketers should consider. That is... Do your customers read their emails first or do they dive into Facebook to find out the latest overnight 'goss'? You see people's habits will affect the way they react during the day. Research tells us if people open their emails before checking out … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – “What Do Your Customers Do In The Morning?”

Hi Everyone Interesting question isn't it? A study by Exact Target in the U.S. researched this very question and suggested if we do not know whether our customers are reaching for smartphones to check Facebook, updating their Twitter status or logging onto laptops to check email then it's time we should. Exact Target suggests … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – The Difference Between Email And Email Marketing

Hi Everyone In an article by DJ Waldow in the Email Insider they posed the theory that sending an Email is NOT the same as Email Marketing. And I wholeheartedly agree. You see people are used to sending emails. They do it every day at work as an internal communication or they send an email to their friends to find out 'what's … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Are You Guilty Of Shotgun Marketing?

Hi Everyone How is your Email Marketing going or are you guilty of  "Shotgun Marketing"? You see, whilst Email Marketing is not an exact science it is still the most cost effective means to get your marketing messages out to your crowd. Let me explain. I coined the phrase Shotgun Marketing many years ago because most people in … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Piggy Back Off The Major Players

Hi Everyone Welcome back from hopefully a wonderful long weekend. Gosh; have you been watching the numerous sales promotions happening at the moment wrapped around the End of the Financial Year? There are numerous promotions from all the regular big players. The promos are in letterboxes, blaring on the radio, emblazoned across the … [Read more...]

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