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Email Marketing – Don’t Abandon Email

Hi Everyone According to Econsultancy's US Research Director, Stefan Tornquist: "Email continues to be the desired channel for many types of commercial communication. Social networking and its effect on the nature of brand is the hottest topic in digital marketing, and deservedly so. It’s still worthwhile for marketers to remember … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Let Me Help Video

Hi Everyone Let me help you with your email marketing. Click  SmartEmail to be taken to the program. Click:   Natasha Burfield's Testimonial to view Natasha's Testimonial. Cheers and Great Selling Kurt PS:  The SMART EMAIL program is HERE: … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Is Anyone Noticing You?

Hi Everyone It's a world of immense clutter out there in email marketing land. It's also a world of immense clutter out there in plain marketing land. It's also a world of immense clutter out there in internet land. It's also a world of immense clutter out there in advertising land. So, what are you doing to get noticed ? Are you … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How To Get Your Emails Noticed.

Hi Everyone This week I talk about getting your emails noticed. The first part of an email a recipient reads is the 'From Line". You have a few choices what to use here, including: * Your company name: (i.e. Johansen International); * Your name: (i.e. Kurt Johansen); * The position name of someone in your business: … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Google Rates Me #2

Hi Everyone For the past two years I have been trying to get ranked in Google for the Keywords Email Marketing. Last night I was given this fabulous news. I am rated #2 in Google for the Keywords Email Marketing out of 297,000,000 pages which contain those two words. Beaten only by Wikipedia. Yes, #2 position in the world out of 297 … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Why People Give Their Email Address

Hi Everyone A study from ExactTarget reveals what motivates people to give up their email address.  The results are not exactly startling but it is useful information to know. 67% to receive discounts and promotions; 55% to get a 'freebie'; 50% to get updates on upcoming sales; 45% to get updates on future products; 33% to get … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Be Relevant

Hi Everyone When you undertake email marketing it is important you stay relevant to your list of subscribers. It is crucial to send messages only to people who really are expecting contact on the subject and try to avoid sending emails to your entire list if it is not relevant to them. Let me explain... You may have an email list of … [Read more...]

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