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Email Marketing – Father’s Day

Have You Remembered Father's Day ? Hi Everyone I don't mean remember your Father in particular (although it would be lovely to), I mean Father's Day. Let me explain... The latest retail statistics tell us poor ol' Dads have, on average, $10 less spent on them than Mothers on Mother's Day. $10 LESS ON DADS... SACRILEGE !!! So, to … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – E-mails For Profit

Hi Everyone Get video into your email. Here is what you can do in only minutes and it's free. Cheers and Great Selling Kurt … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – An Act Or An Art ?

Hi Everyone Is email marketing an ACT or an ART ? Let me explain... People today want the quick fix, the magic pill, the immediate solution. They wish to be the CEO before they have learned the business, learned the environment AND served their apprenticeship. It's Ok to dream and it's Ok to desire  but it's not OK to believe you … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – How To Use Video

Hi Everyone I have uploaded a quick video to help you undertake email marketing with video. This course will help build your profits using video in your emails. When you have looked at the video click on this link. It will take you to the introduction of the course. Cheers and Great … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Position #2

Hi Everyone Somebody called me today and asked, "What do I know about Email Marketing". I said, "Just a TAD."  "What do you need?" They asked if I could provide any evidence.  The usual testimonials came to mind and then I thought.  Maybe  a picture would help. It worked. Cheers and Great Selling Kurt … [Read more...]

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