Archives for October 2010

Email Marketing: What Age Group is Receptive To Receive Messages?

Hi Everyone The curse of the email marketer is knowing which demographics you should be tailoring your email marketing messages to. Breaking, splitting, segmenting your lists is crucial in email marketing. But... Until now research was hard to find on what age groups read emails and are receptive to your email marketing messages. Yes … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Sorry I Have To Tell You This

Hi Everyone "Sorry I Have To Tell You This" For those who know me personally you are aware I have been into marketing and motivational type products etc. for well over 30 years. I'm one of those funny guys who buys the books, the tapes, goes to seminars and walks up to speakers and introduces themselves. My library looks like the … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Start Thinking Christmas Promotions Now.

Hi Everyone It's time to start thinking about your Christmas Sales Promotions now. There are two ways to go about this. Look at last year's promotions to see what happened and then create new marketing campaigns to commence or... Grab new ideas and new promotions off larger companies and benchmark your campaigns in similar … [Read more...]

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