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Email Marketing: The Future Of Email: 2011

Hi Everyone Media Post Publications, columnist David Baker, wrote this article about The Future Of Email in 2011. And my response was: David, I believe you are correct on personalisation and privacy. I see email marketing becoming more permission based and a welcoming media to receive offers from invited businesses. The use of Smart … [Read more...]

Thanks Kurt

Hi Kurt, Thank you very much for your excellent interactive sessions and the time you put in with us for the Diploma of  Management (Business). I found your approach and sharing of experiences to be very valuable and most enjoyable. It has been a privilege to have had you as a teacher. All the best. Regards Mark Cousins Adelaide Office … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – “Send Some Valentine’s Love”

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. and... It's now time to plan what you are going to send to your customers. Whether you personally view it as the most romantic day of the year, surrounded with love and affection, or... a tacky, hyped-up-retail propaganda; there's no denying, Valentine's Day can have a dramatic effect on many … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Words Or Pictures?

Hi Everyone As we leave the New Year behind it's time to decide what type of emails you will send this year. Over the past few years I have seen numerous emails win awards. These emails to me are merely 'email brochures'.  That is; they look like glossy magazine ads but... with the distinct advantage of being delivered direct into a … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: 7 Killer Tips To Help

Hi Everyone Here is a 36 slide Email Marketing presentation to help get your emails opened, read and acted upon. Email Marketing - 7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read and Acted Upon View more presentations from EmailProfits. Enjoy. Cheers and Great Selling Kurt … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Boost Up Your Emailing in 2011

Hi Everyone Yes, 2011 is here and I thought we should boost up your email marketing this year. The best way to do this is to set a schedule and calendar for events you know are going to occur in your industry this year. It could be an anniversary of the founding of the company, it could be an one of your birthdays, it could be a specific … [Read more...]

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