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Email Marketing: Do you send in Text or HTML format?

Hi Everyone I have been in some interesting discussions recently over whether to send out marketing emails in HTML or TEXT. It seems the big push these days, coming from the Internet Marketers, is to send in TEXT. The reason behind this would be deliverability.  By sending out emails in TEXT format the belief is you have a greater chance … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: I dont know what to say.

Hi Everyone I had a client tell me, "I know I should be contacting my customers but I don't know what to say."  "I am a retailer, not a marketer." I looked at her puzzled and replied, "Aren't you both?" You see it's not about being one or the other.  It's about having an ongoing conversation with your customers to enable them to understand … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: You are allowed to contact existing clients.

HI Everyone There are no restrictions against a company emailing its existing customers or anyone who has inquired about its products or services, even if these individuals have not given permission, as these messages are classified as "relationship" messages under the CAN-SPAM Act. 15 U.S.C. § 7702(17) (iii) to provide—(I) notification … [Read more...]

Steve Edward’s Testimonial – Extra $25,000.

One little tip from me and Steve added $25,000 to his business. Let me help you too. Cheers and Great Selling Kurt … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Sarah’s First Email Made Money

Hi Everyone This is what Sarah emailed me just minutes after sending her First Marketing Email to a list she hasn't been in contact with for years. =================================================== My first email generated sale! Hi Kurt, One customer has ordered 4 rompers! That's a warm fuzzy! Ooh, and as I was typing this … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Don’t Get Hooked Up in the App World

Hi Everyone It seems that everyone is going crazy about APPS these days. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different ones you can download on your Smartphone. BUT... At the recent Mobile Insider Summit, in Key Biscayne,  it was revealed: 25% of Smartphone users don't use their phone as a Smartphone, even though it is … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: New Devices But The Three Principles Will Stay The Same.

Hi Everyone I am one of these weird guys who receive copious amounts of reports from various companies espousing the virtues and the flaws of email marketing. Some of these reports insist we should be using technically advanced methods of creating emails. Most of them agree though; Email is not going anywhere. Let me put at rest some of … [Read more...]

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