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Email Marketing: A Video Which Sells A Town

Hi Everyone The Video Which Sells A Town: Are You Using Video To Market? Being named in Newsweek as one of the top 10 “dying” US cities, the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan decided to do something positive. Here’s what happens when thousands of extras, local dancers, musicians come together to create a ten-minute lip-sync video to Don … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: New Video Series

Hi Everyone Over the years I have been preaching the use of Video in your email marketing. Many of my clients have dabbled with it but some have found it a bit too daunting for them. And I can understand it. It can be frightening at first. Well to help you, Andy Jenkins (i.e. The Video Boss), just released a brand new Video Series - … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: My Top Tip To Get More Subscribers

Hi Everyone This tip, though plainly obvious, is the TOP, BEST, FUNDAMENTAL tip I can give you to get more subscribers. Now before I do, I am not suggesting at all any of the other brilliant methods available to you won't work. No, not at all. What I am suggesting is without this TIP you are causing yourself immeasurable harm. You … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: End of the Financial Year Messages

Hi Everyone It's nearly the end of May and I have seen an abundance of advertising lately offering  great deals for The End of the Financial Year. The stockbroking firm I use to receive weekly market tips and insights sent me an email today with a special offer to sign up for one, two or three more years. Very tempting. And … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: 3 Tips For Better Response Rates

Hi Everyone Here are 3 Tips To Help You Get Better Email Marketing Response Rates I have tested, retested, tried different strategies and discovered if I leave out any one of these 3 tips my statistics fall away. I have written a report which you can download here for free. All you have to do is Click on the 'Get Instant Access' button … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: You Can Play With The Big Guys

How Would You Like To Make More Sales By Copying? Hi Everyone Every so often seasonal events allow us to check out what the big players are marketing and to copy them. This copying is generally called 'piggyback marketing' and there is something happening in around 6 weeks time you can make sales from. It's the  'The End Of The … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Which Call To Action Button Worked Best?

Hi Everyone Which one of these two Call To Actions: “Click for Your Solar Consultation – Click here to get started!” or “Get a No Obligation Quote Now” do you think outperformed the other with results? Drum roll please... The winner was... “Get a No Obligation Quote Now” The reason thought was the 'No Obligation' … [Read more...]

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