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Email Marketing: What A Dope I Am

Hi Everyone I received an email this morning and must admit they got me. I was beaten by a Technicality. You see, I closed off my End Of Financial Year Sale last night at midnight. All Gone - All Over, Red Rover. But I forgot to take into account my USA followers who are a day behind us in Australia.  (Some would say with the state … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Has Kaboodle Changed Or Simply Testing?

Hi Everyone For those who follow me will know I am more of a fan of email marketing by copywriting.  That is to get people to act by the words which are written. Other examples of email marketing is what I describe 'email brochures'.  That is; highly visible and selected images are included in an email to entice the reader to click a link to … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Awesome Response From Day One

My 72 Hour End Of Financial Year Is Now In Day Two Gosh, what can I say. I have been blown away with the response of my EOFY Sale Offer. I'm not sure if it is the free bonuses or my ugly mush at the end of the email but I have been filtering numerous questions about email marketing. The main questions are: "Does it work?"  "I mean; … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Can I give you $4,221.00 worth of products ?

Hi Everyone Can I give you $4,221.00 worth of products ? Let me explain... My 12 month email marketing coaching program is now open but for 72 hours only. It's my End Of Year Financial Sale. It's going to include paid up products and services which are normally purchased by my clients. But I am going to include these for you FREE … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Your 5 Point Email Marketing Plan

Hi Everyone Here's your: Five Point Email Marketing Plan To Help You Bring In The Extra Cash You Want 1.  Set a Goal or End Result you are looking to achieve in a campaign. It's crucial to know what you are setting out to achieve. Know why you are sending out your emails and make sure every message is aligned to this end goal. 2.  … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: 5 Birthday Subject Lines To Use

Hi Everyone One of the best email marketing campaigns which will delight your customers and bring cash into your business is the "Birthday Campaign." Birthday campaigns are a sure fire winner. These can be set in advance using your email sending provider and programmed automatically. Be very sincere with your email marketing gifts too.  … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Still A Most Valid Medium

Hi Everyone Email Marketing is alive and well. For business purpose email is a channel to do business or communicate with clients as they sit at their desks or are mobile with Smart Phones etc.. With the advent of Social Media sites what this means to the email marketer is nothing really changes. Email Marketing is about the 1. The … [Read more...]

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