Archives for October 2011

Email Marketing: Do I Really Need You?

Hi I received this response yesterday after sending emails about my world famous "5 x 5 x 5.5 Christmas Promotion". "Do I Really Need You Kurt ?" At first I was shattered.  Not need me?  What the heck??? Then I chuckled and said to myself, "Get over yourself Johansen !" "Of course they don't need you."  "They can do this … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: “Not Everyone Opened My Email, Why?”

Hi, I received a question from a person using email marketing the other day which has been intriguing me ever since. They asked, "Not Everyone Opened My Email, Why?"  "Can you help?" The short answer was, "Sure, I can let you know why."  "But to get to the real issue we will need to drill deeper." We conversed and I had them on their … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: 10 Top Tips For Email Success Are…

Hi As you are enjoying your  long-weekend break in Australia, I thought I would give you an article on email marketing you can contemplate over wherever you are relaxing. You could say it's your long-weekend homework but gosh I wouldn't do that to you, would I ? Let's say it's a long-weekend learning experience for you. So here you … [Read more...]

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