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Email Marketing: How To Segment Using Price

When sending out emails to clients about your Christmas offerings this week try to segment into price ranges. i.e. Here are my less than $20 products - Here are my less than $50 products - Here are my over $100 products. It will make it easier for them to choose a gift for their family and friends. Believe In Yourself Kurt  … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How I Made My Wife Cry

Hi "How I Made My Wife Cry" But first... Life's a funny game at times, isn't it? You strive to do your best. You attempt every imaginable trick to gain knowledge, wisdom and success. But sometimes it just alludes you. You think, "Is it me?" "Am I doing something wrong?" "Why is the world doing this to me?" You ponder, "I am … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: If Your Marketing Is Not Working…

Hi If your marketing is not working then change the words. Believe in Yourself Kurt … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How to build your list, quickly.

"How do I build my list?" is always on the minds of internet marketers. It's by far the most puzzling riddle most people fail to solve quickly. But for me... This is the WRONG question to ask. You should be focussing on: 'How do I get my name out in front of more prospective buyers quickly?' Let me explain. List building is fine but is … [Read more...]

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