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Email Marketing: This Statistic Staggered Me

An interesting statistic hit my desk this morning which has led me to write this email. It's what I've been saying for years. And that is... Provide valuable information in your emails and stop asking for sales all the time. Email Marketing is about: The List; The Relationship; and The Offer. Ok, let me back up my statement … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How Long Should A Sales Letter Be?

In sales letters and email marketing we talk about them being "too boring" not "too long". I remember telling a story once in an email which spoke about: Never Give Up on Your Dream; Show Gratitude For What You Have and Praise and Celebrate Your Successes With Others. This email when printed was five pages long and contained over 2000 … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: “What Program Should I Use?”

The most common question I am asked by new people wanting to get into email marketing is "What program should I use?" I can see this can be very daunting at first.  And it can be confusing. For many years I tried different programs and even recommended a couple. But if you are serious about email marketing then I believe you need to suck … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: What Should You Test?

Every now and again I come across a post on a site which I believe is worthy of sharing with followers of my blog. It needs to be credible content and not some generic content picked up from a private label rights product etc. Here is a post by Mike Hotz which is titled "6 Steps To Effective Email Testing" that appeared on ClickZ … [Read more...]

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