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Kurt Johansen
Kurt Johansen


Kurt Johansen here.

I specifically help business owners connect and engage with their customers using email.

As a Business Coach to small and medium businesses, I assist business owners to market their product and services by applying the principles of Email Marketing incorporating Emotional Direct Response Marketing.

I show them how to market, by applying simple strategies to…

* get more clients;

* build a relationship with their clients;

* get their clients welcoming their marketing messages;

* which leads to customers actioning the emails.

The end result…an increase in their business sales turnover.

My success has led me to being known internationally as, “The Email Engagement Guy”.

My methods include teaching business people a step-by-step process to get their marketing emails opened, read and acted upon.

It has worked for me and many others, and if you use my methods, as described, there is a good chance they will work for you too.

So… if you’re a small or medium business owner or even just a start-up enterprise I can, and will help you.

Throughout this site you will find many of the strategies I use and they will help your email marketing efforts as well. 

You will also find ways I can help direct.

Drop by often, I update my posts regularly.

You will gain much insight and learn an abundance of tips, techniques and strategies to get better results from your email marketing campaigns when you do.

Improving your relationship with your customers via email is so important in today’s fast paced society.

Email Marketing is about:
1. Your List;
2. Your Relationship With Your List; and
3. Your Offer You Wish To Make Them.

When you get these three principles aligned you will be on your way to a healthy business relationship with your clients.

Believe In Yourself



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It’s my pleasure to bring you email marketing tips which have myself hundreds of thousands of dollars and I hope by employing my tactics you will too.

If you would like to ask me a specific email marketing question than please fill out the contact form on this website.  I promise to get back to you real quick.

Believe in Yourself

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