West Loh Interviews Email Marketing Master – Kurt Johansen

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my interview with West Loh.

Here you will discover various profitable email marketing tips which you can you use to boost your email profits.


From the Desk of  West Loh:

Hi Friends

Australia’s Email Marketing Guru, Business Coach, Author

Everyone’s got their own thoughts on receiving emails, and when you ask them what they think they’ll say they get mostly unsolicited, badly written sales pleas asking for money.

In this insightful interview, I asked Kurt blatantly what his 7 killer email strategies are to help you stand out from the average Joe’s in your industry.

He shares some insider information that has worked for him time and time again.

If you’re an experienced marketer with a big list or an absolute newbie who has never sent an email before, this interview will give you several golden keys.

In this interview you will discover:

– How to create a relationship with your market so they actually WANT to hear from you

– What changes there have been in spam laws and how you can stay well away from any unlawful practices

– How to re-invigorate your email campaigns if you’ve been unsuccessful in the past

– The Seven killer email marketing tips that help you build better relationships, more traffic and higher profit margins

– How to start an email marketing campaign in any business, even if you think this doesn’t apply to your industry

Listen to the interview here.

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