Silent Killer 2 Rebellious Masters of Cashflow Super Conference

Day One Friday 19th October:

of Mal Emery’s Silent Killer 2 Rebellious Masters of CashflowSuper Conference got off to a huge start with the parade of the speakers enchanting the 700 odd attendees.

Mal opened the seminar showing particpants “How to go from Zero to a Millionaire in Twelve Months or Less”. This is more than rhetoric as I know Mal and I also know several of his students who have achieved this dollar landmark. I am aiming to join them very soon. Mal’s offer of a free gift saw the booking tabled mobbed. A great setup for the rest of the speakers.

Paul Blackburn was a strategical follow-up speaker as Paul informed the willing crowd “How to Smash Through the Mental Roadblocks that Sabotage Your Future.” If you wish to succeed – allow Paul to release those demons that are hloding you back!

Carlo Castellano’s session introduced participants to sharetrading. More specifically how to follow the trends in the stockmarket to lessen the likelihood of failure. Myself, I don’t follow the trends I would prefer to look at the underlying principles of a company. Carlo boasted a success trade percentage over 80% so he must be doing something correct.

The next speakers were Matt and Amanda Clarkson who have become wizz’s at E-Bay. They currently make $50,000 per month on a E-Bay and that certainly sets themselves up for people to listen to.

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