“3 Ways To Handle Price Shoppers”

“People Wish To Do Business With An Optimist”

Stay bright, stay bubbly, stay welcoming.

Attract people – this should be your goal.

Your goal should also be to make more sales in 2018.

So let me give you a few sales pointers to kickstart your year.

Firstly, to be more of a success you need to build yourself stronger.
School is never out for the professional. 

Look for easy wins first.  Afterall one step starts the longest journey.

In sales, you will come across Price Shoppers.  These type of people are often found
searching in local newspapers, yellow pages, community boards to get the cheapest deal.

Here are a couple of examples how you can deal with price shoppers.

When asked for the price reply with one of these:

  1. “Thanks for the call.  I appreciate it.  Before I answer that question there are a few
    questions I need to ask first.  Is that OK?”
  2. “Thank you.  That is a good point.  We will come back to that in just a moment.
    Is that OK with you?”
  3. “I don’t know if it is feasible I can get all the way down to that amount you are
    hoping for, but if I can be a little flexible how flexible can you be?”

The point here is you do not have to give away your price just because somebody asks
for it.  Reveal it at a time you are ready.

The Golden Rule in Negotiation On Price Is:
“It is not how much you give, but how many times you do it”

Try not to give a big chunk away the first time.  Come down, if you must, in small steps.

Let me give you an example.

In my animation art store, I gave all my sales staff the ability to offer 5% discount on
any piece of artwork valued between $500-$5000 regardless of how people were paying.
i.e Credit card, Amex, Diners Club, Layby.  Then they could offer a further percentage off
depending how people paid.

In those days Credit Card commision to the Bank was 1.5% and Amex/Diners were around 4%.

The maths is quite easy say, 6.5% – 9% was available if people paid cash.  The total amount the
sales staff had to play with could have been 9% on a $5000 piece which equates to $450.

The last thing I wanted them to do was to offer a $450 up front, first-time discount.  Whoa !

That is crazy.  I was happy for them to go to $450 if they needed to but you step out the reductions.
Give away maybe $50 first, $50 again if they are still negotiating, then maybe another $25.
Can you see the difference here?

PS:  There is a much better way to give value than offering dollar discounts.
If you take up 45 minute Profit Boosting Coaching Call Session with me I will reveal how you can do
this in your business without discounting the price.  Details at the end of this email.

Ok.. now you have arrived at the pointy end of the Sales Cycle and are ready to Close.

The price has been seemingly agreed upon yet the customer is not ready.  So what do you do now?
What is your next step?

Well, now you must reflect back onto the talk.  What other objections are you missing?

A good way to get around this is to ask a Clarifying Question.
“Just to clarify my thinking I see the price is Ok, what other matter is stopping you from owning this…?”

This question allows you to pry out hidden objections.  They could be:
“I am not the decision maker.”
“I need to consider this a BIT LONGER”
“I need to get more quotes”

In fact there are ONLY 17 Customer Objections available to a customer.  Do you need to remember all
17.  Well not specifically, but you do need to know how to respond to Sales Objections.

So what are the 17 Sales Objections people can ask and how do you overcome them?

I have made it easy for you.  You can have them at your fingertips very quick, very fast.

Because I have written the Ultimate Sales Person Wealth Guide.

“How To Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections”
contains over 141 tried and tested awesome sales scripts you can respond
to your prospect with.

Never be stuck with what to say again.

Simply have your Objection Response Manual at your fingertips and return
their objection like you have aced them in tennis.

All 141 responses for only $47.  That equates to 30 cents each objection response.


And when you get this Sales Wealth Kit you also receive

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For the person who wants a little extra.

Next Tuesday 30th of January I have three available afternoon slots for a 45 minute
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Now before I go today – remember an earlier quote I wrote above.

School is never out for the professional.

Make sure you keep learning.

PS:  Grab your Objection Response Manual Here.

PPS: Book into your Profit Boosting Coaching Session by emailing me and get
the $188 of Sales Products thrown in.

Believe in Yourself


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