“Are You Using An Autoresponder In Your Business?”

Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools that you can have if you are doing business online.

An autoresponder is software which contains your database or list of contacts and can be used to transmit emails automatically 24/7 and at a specific time you wish.

There are many types of autoresponders.

Some are free, whilst others are monthly paid subscriptions.

It is fair to say you get what you pay for yet two critical aspects you should consider when choosing an autoresponder service are:
1.    Deliverability and
2.    Ease to add new customer lists.

The most important aspect for me is…
•    Deliverability.

What I mean by this is…

I need to know the email message has been sent in real time when the send button is clicked.

Not all autoresponders do this.

Plane WaitingMany appear to send your emails but in fact your emails are parked much like a plane on a side runway waiting its turn to take-off.
What these autoresponders do is prioritise large email customers and send to the large lists first.

This may delay the remittance of your email by hours and maybe even to the next day.

And this could be disastrous if your email is time sensitive.
Let me explain this further.

If have joined an autoresponder service whereby their customers send to email lists of 30,000, 50,000 and even 100,000 plus you will not have priority.
What happens when they hit the send button ‘before you’ (and you wouldn’t know this) then your email campaign is parked – much like the picture above –
waiting for those emails to be sent.

So for me it is about deliverability and reliability and that is why I use SmartEmail.
SmartEmail sends out in real time (well every five minutes in fact) and your
email is sent.

How do I know this…

Because it is maintained and operated by a very savvy internet person and
friend Peter Butler who ensures deliverability and reliability is paramount.

Here is a link to show you a little about it


The other important aspect when choosing an autoresponder service is:
•    Ease to add new customer lists.

All autoresponders at the start are void of email addresses.
You need to add them in.

This is where SmartEmail also proves to be a winner.
It allows you to upload your customer database without having to obtain
what is known as ‘double optin’.  (A double optin is where the email you add
has to be confirmed from the owner of the email address.)

Whilst I am a fan of double optin from a signup page it is totally unnecessary
when you wish to add your existing customers to your autoresponder.  Yet some
autoresponders insist you do this.

But not SmartEmail.

It allows you to add email addresses from a simple file upload or one at a time.
And once your email addresses are added you can send an email immediately.

So there you have it…

Choose your email autoresponder program carefully.

It will save you time, energy and money if you do.

If you decide SmartEmail is for you then let me know and I will arrange help getting you

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