4 Shocking Truths Which Will Kill Your Marketing Sales

If there was ever a lesson to keep in contact with your clients then it has to be the same lesson Robert learned last week.

Robert is (well at some stage was) a client of mine.  Robert allowed his office staff to take over his marketing and to keep in regular contact with his clients.

Ok…Ok…. Let’s get real here…

Robert dumped me because he thought he could handle his email marketing in-house.

Robert did use me for several years and then a ‘newbie’ to his staff said, “What are you paying this guy for?  I did this at my old job. I can do it.” (It is not an uncommon statement in any business but can they really do it?)

Well Robert thought so.

Let me explain…

Robert was out at dinner with a bunch of colleagues when one his clients (or he thought he was) told him about his new office refurbishment.

Robert thought that was odd because he always did this guys interior work.

Robert asked the question… “When did you get that done?  I didn’t hear about it.”

The answer came back.  “Mate I haven’t heard from you for over 6 months.  I got a name from my wife’s brother and this guy came around, quoted and I took it.”  “I didn’t know you were interested any more.”

Robert was astounded.  He said, “Mate I always do your work.”

And the reply was, “And you always used to keep in contact but you don’t anymore.”

Robert was gobsmacked.

He was sending out weekly emails.  Or his office staff should have been. Something back in his office was horribly wrong.  Why hadn’t this guy heard from him and why did he lose such a profitable job.

To cut to the chase…

Robert called me and said, “Kurt, You are always sending me emails although I don’t use you anymore.  But any chance you can start again.”

I replied, “Well it is never that straight forward Robert, but let’s schedule a time to discuss your plans and what you wish to achieve and then let me see if I can help.”

Now I wish to point out a valuable lesson in sales here.

I am calling these:
4 Shocking Truths Which Will Kill Your Marketing Sales

Please read them and digest them so you do not make the same mistake Robert did.

1. Irregular and Inconsistent Mailings To Your List: 

If you do not stay in contact with your list then you cannot be at the front-of-their-mind when they are ready to buy.  People buy when they are ready not when you haphazardly send an email.

2. Not mailing meaningful stuff: 

In other emails, I have spoken at lengths about segmenting your lists and mailing out specific and meaningful topics.  Segmenting your lists allows you to direct meaningful messages to specific sub-lists.

3. Not telling and selling your products or services: 

It is not the customers right to ask you what products and services you sell.
It is your place to let them know.  And do it often.

4. Staying boring in your marketing – making it only about features: 

All sales people learn about their products’ features.  Better sales people learn about benefits.
But the most successful sales people learn to incorporate emotion into their marketing.
In other words do not just send out a product brochure.   Give it pizazz.

Sales success will come your way when you eliminate these 4 Shocking Truths In Sales.

PS: Don’t want to be like Robert?  But also don’t want do the hard work.
But want the results?

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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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