“50% Off Sale in the Email Marketing Aladdin’s Cave Sale”

Get this…
A whopping 50% off sale !

Everywhere you look for the past week you see a 50% off sale.

Doesn’t matter if you are looking at clothes, jewellery or kitchen items there is somebody offering a greatly reduced sale.

It becomes deliciously tempting – especially if you need the goods.

So I thought I would do the same – offer you a deliciously tempting offer because it is my way of saying thank you for being on my email list.

This offer is called my Email Marketing Aladdin’s Cave Sale and is only available in 2014. That means come midnight 31st December the sale must end.

It’s called the Aladdin’s Cave Sale because once you get inside there are gems and jewels beyond belief that are waiting for you to make money in 2015.

Just like Aladdin had in his magic cave – you will receive treasures which only him and his merry men could enjoy.

In the Email Marketing Aladdin’s Cave Sale you get access to all my Email Marketing tips and techniques that are never released to the public which has earned myself and my clients 7 figures in sales each year.

And just like Aladdin you get to pleasure and accumulate riches like never before.

But it does come with a cost.

Let me make this very clear.

The Email Marketing Aladdin’s Cave Sale is available only to loyal and honest people. I don’t wish these email marketing secrets to get out and be used by unscrupulous business owners.

They cannot be used for any other purpose except to sell legal, ethical and safe products.

So what do you get in the Email Marketing Aladdin’s Cave Sale ?

• No time limit interviews with me – Full and complete access to me to start you on your way;

• Unlimited – Full and complete access to me; to be used at any time during the next 12 month period.

• You can call me, text me, email me and pick my brain. Your phone number goes into my mobile phone as a special client. You are allowed to contact me direct.

• I will help you write unlimited email campaigns per month and critique your email statistics; and suggest ways to enhance your emails including formatting, subject-lines & graphics. Yes, I will weave my magic and turn your emails into cash-attracting, dollar-driving, money-making

• Access to all my email marketing tips, techniques, and special ‘Google Drive’ which contains all the gems. Others have called it the Aladdin’s Cave of Email Marketing.

Plus: You also get me to help with Website & Social Media Strategies to attract and drive more revenue to your business.

Plus: If you use the email sending program I recommend, SmartEmail, I will also throw in training on the system. (Not available with other email sending programs).


If this is not enough you also get access to my personal files which includes many gems that even I get goose bumps when I read the results.

Now here is the kicker…

I am sending this out to the thousands of people who follow me but at this time of year we are in the Great Australian Shutdown and many people will not see this in time to act.

But that is not you is it.

Don’t miss out on this 50% off offer. Grab the form and divide the figures on it by 2.

And that is the cost. Only 50% of the fee showing on the form.

Do it now and get it back to me.

And to make it even easier if you like…

Return an email with ‘Open Sesame’ in the subject line and I will get back to you.

And if you are not sure about clicking links in an email here is the ugly URL where you can copy and paste it in your browser if you wish to be safe.

Click on it now and be on your way to make more money in 2015 with Email.

Believe In Yourself

About Kurt

I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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