All 950 Put Their Hand Up

 All 950 Put Their Hand Up

Obtaining a new customer is a very small part of selling.

You may increase your bank balance momentarily but it will not give you long term success.

You need to have strategies in place to introduce new products and services to your customers.

Which brings me to an intriguing web contact I received Tuesday 4th.

It read…

“Hi Kurt, we are a small wholesale manufacturer selling kids clothes on-line.  We wish to increase the number of customers we have.
Can you help?”

The simple answer to this is, “It Depends.”

It depends because there are a number of questions which need to be asked first. It also needs to be determined how much time, energy, enthusiasm and resources the person wishes to invest.

Having many ways to increase the size of your database is very important.


So is the quality of the people inside the database.

Too many businesses chase extra customers when they have plenty.
They just don’t know how to service them.

It reminds me of a sales presentation I did in Melbourne in 2002.
(Yes…I am that old – hmmm !)

The audience consisted of 950 financial planners. A few worked for themselves.  Most of them worked for commission in larger companies.  

Their prime products consisted of ways to invest retirees and worker’s superannuation funds.

So here they were. All 950 highly paid sharks of the financial world eagerly waiting for me to espouse my wisdom to make them more money.

The question I asked first was…

“Who needs more clients?”

All 950 put their hand up.  

Gees I thought.  Most of these guys were on $200,000+ a year.  They are hungry.

So I next asked them to all stand up.

“Come on get of your backsides.”  I bellowed in a comical fashion, waving my arms in an upward motion.

All 950 took to their feet.

I then told them we were going to play a game and when the number I quote is too much – sit down.

Don’t mistake what I did here.

Adults are only kids in bigger bodies and these guys are competitive.

They play games – TO WIN !

My first instruction was…

“Stay standing if you have 100 existing clients.”

I could hear their chuckles as they feverishly looked around the room.

All 950 remained upright.

The number increased.

“200 existing clients ?”

Nobody sat down.

“300 clients ?”

We lost a few. Most remained defiant.

I went for the jugular…

“400 existing clients ?”

I lost 70% of the room.

By now only 235 remained.

“500 existing clients ?”

Lost another batch.

Gees, I thought these guys still standing must be super busy to service all their customers.

Then I went for the almighty Hail Mary.

“Who has over 750 existing clients on your books?”

Everyone sat down except a few mammoths of the financial industry.

They stood there with protruded chests displaying a cockiness which would make the courting male peacock proud.

I couldn’t resist with one final question to the entire room.

“Who needs MORE customers?”

Everyone seated plus the now self proclaimed Kings of the Financial World raised their hand and yelled…”Yeah !!!”

And then I roared loud and hit them between their ears.


“If you have over 300 clients (and I mean clients) then I guarantee you, you are not servicing them to the level they deserve and moving them up the Ladder of Loyalty.”

“You are not looking after them like they wish to be looked after.”

They looked at me in astonishment and bewilderment and the last of the standing financial planners sleeked down.

“But there is hope !” I said.

“What I am about to reveal to you will bring you more money, more profits and an abundance of new clients who you won’t have to sell to.”


“They have been pre-sold.”

“Who would like to know how to achieve that?”

And with that exercise began a long standing relationship for me and many people in that room for years and years and years.

So what has this to do with you and the small wholesale manufacturer selling kids clothes on-line ?

Well quite everything really.

For years I have been saying, Email Marketing is about relationships and not just about sending out emails.

It is also not about contacting customers every couple of months.

It is about discovering what tickles your customers’ fancy and helping them in their day to day life.

With the amount of advertising and marketing thrust upon everyone these days it is important to be relative to your customer.

It is also important to be at ‘the front of their mind’ when they need something you sell.  Or they may find your competitor contacts them at the right time and wins out.


Another way to look at it is if you take your customers for granted then they may feel ignored and neglected.

It is a fine line and needs to be thought about but a rule of thumb is “If you think you should contact your customers then do it !”

Need help with planning a series of emails to stimulate your customers
or maybe even yourself?

Then contact me at

Believe In Yourself


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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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