“Announcing A HR Manual Which Has All The Answers At Your Fingertips”

Revealing the easy, problem free, ready reckoner of policy and procedures for your business.


Discover the fast and new way to create policy and procedures for your business.

According to Ingrid Cliff at Heart Harmony, businesses struggle to write and maintain HR policies and procedures.

Her company specializes in HR and I think her HR Manual looks great. I haven’t purchased it yet but I definitely think it is worth a try. Click this image to see for yourself –


HR Manual

Making People Management Easy

Ingrid says,

Instant HR Policies & Procedures makes it easy for you to create plain English, easy to understand Human Resource Policies and Procedures. The secret is our comprehensive employee handbook template which is simply customisable for your company. In less than 30 minutes you will have easy to understand and up-to-date People Management Policies and Procedures covering everything from hiring through to termination.”

This does look like the ultimate HR Manual for all businesses and should help eliminate unwanted stress with staff.

So, take a look at the HR Manual and let me know what you think.

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