Be Strong With Your Email Marketing

Hi Everyone

Be strong with your email marketing.

What I mean is not everyone is going to like you.

Be true to yourself and BELIEVE what you are doing is helping people.

Most people fear rejection…

and that’s ok as long as you do not let it inhibit you.
Not everyone will like you.  That’s life!


there will be enough people who will like you and those
are the ones that will stay with you over the years and be good

I get the occasional unsubscribe from my email marketing lists- and that’s fine.

But I get more sign up’s from people wanting some tips and tricks to help them with their business as well.

Now, let me ask you, “Should I be disappointed that some people

“No. It’s Ok.”   They are in need of someone or something else at this stage of their life.


should I be patting myself on my back every time someone says they like what I do – again the answer is “No”.

The bottom line is, you have to do what you feel is the most
benefit, the most help to your customers and subscribers and
listen to honest feedback, but ignore everything else.

That’s the blunt truth. You have to be strong.

You can’t let a little praise go to your head and you can’t let a little blame
or dislike of what you’re doing discourage you in anyway.

You have to be yourself and whenever negative or positive forces
try altering your path, you must ignore them and keep building
value and usefulness into everything you’re doing.

Learn how to create VALUE…

Tangible, functional products and services that are REALLY USEFUL to
your prospects and customers.

You create “value” by being yourself and building a little piece of “YOU” into everything you do.

And that will expose you to take a hit from someone.


I guarantee it WILL NOT be a knock-out blow.

Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep going.



Cheers and Great Selling
Australia’s Email Marketing Guru
Direct: 61 412 94 77 33

PS: I am putting together some new videos for you to watch so stay tuned.

PPS: I have just posted another article on stats.  You can go to it here,

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