Bob was left gobsmacked. He didn’t know what to say next.

It was with these very words, “Mate, I just can’t do it !” that Bob was stuck in a trap.

Bob is a good friend of mine.  He works for a company selling tiles.

Tiles are a competitive game to say the least.

You have plumbers, tilers, flooring guys and home-handy people all wanting specific varieties.

The number of retailers across Australia is huge (that is a technical term) and the number of special deals being offered to attract ‘tradies’ is also huge.

So Bob, did his best trying to seal the deal with a tradie yesterday only to hear this objection… “Mate, I just can’t do it !”  “I’ll go back to my other supplier !”

Bob was left gobsmacked.  He didn’t know what to say next.


He remembered he had my Objection Response Manual on his shelf in his office and said to the tradie…

“Hey, Buddy just a second will you.” “I’ll have another look at what I can do for you.”

Bob then proceeded to his office; grabbed his copy of the Objection Response Manual ; opened it to the Contents Page and flicked over to the pages which read…

  • It costs too much;
  • How much discount do I get ?;
  • I’m happy with my current supplier;

and discovered 32 ways to overcome these three objections.

“How stupid am I.” Bob thought. The obvious answer to this ‘tradie guy’ was staring him in the face.

Bob had come across guys and objections like these hundreds of times before.

He knew what to say but it was not at the front-of-his mind when he needed it the most.

Bob needed a little nudge and the Objection Response Manual contained the very answer he needed right there, right then.

Armed with his objection response Bob walked out of his office ready to deliver the answers which will win him the business.

As luck would have it…

The tradie took the deal… with no discounts…with no added extras.

Because Bob had already given him his best price and he was not going to allow his profit to be eradicated.

Bob was saved by the Objection Response Manual and you can be too.

Objection Response Manual

Objection Response Manual

It is jammed full of 141 ways to overcome customers’ sales objections.



Objections like:

  • It costs too much;
  • How much discount do I get?;
  • I need to get more quotes;
  • I don’t have that much to spend;
  • I’m not the decision-maker; I have to refer this to another person;
  • I need to consider this a bit longer;
  • There’s nothing wrong with our old one;
  • We don’t like your company;
  • I’m not interested;
  • Your product is new to us;
  • The industry is expecting a downturn;
  • We’ve tried it before but it didn’t work;
  • I’ll only buy Australian products;
  • I don’t wish to buy just yet;
  • I’m happy with my current supplier;
  • It’s too hard;
  • I’m flat out.

It is certainly the salesperson’s wealth tool kit.

Objection Response Manual

But I don’t think I mentioned the bonuses you get as well.


BONUS #1 – The Professional Sales Person’s Pre-Call Plan

Don’t leave your prospect contact to chance.  Do your homework first.
The Professional Sales Person’s Pre-Call Plan contains 9 key areas to research before you make a sales call in person or over the phone.

Valued at $47.00

Bonus #2 – The Professional Sales Person’s Call Or Visit Review

How did you go after your sales call ?   The Professional Sales Person’s Call Or Visit Review contains 16 probing questions for you to recount the sales presentation and keeps you honing your skills.

Valued at $47.00

Bonus #3 – How To Close The Sale – Five Powerful Closing Techniques

Stuck what to say next ?  You can sense the prospect is about to say yes but they haven’t yet.

Did you know that 96% of prospects are waiting for the customer to ask for the order ?

“How To Close The Sale – Five Powerful Closing Techniques” contains 5 easy to use and say “Sales Closes” you can use on your next call to make immediate sales – yes,  straight away.

Valued at $47.00


Overcoming Sales Objections separates the successful and wealthy salespeople to those battling along each day.

141 Ways To Overcome 17 of the Most Common
Sales Objections can be at your fingertips every single day.

What is an Objection Response Manual?

It is a collection of the most powerful and useful phrases (scripts) a sales professional can use to counter any objection and close the sale.

It is common practice for Sales Superstars to have a manual like this in their car, office and brief case.

A typical custom-tailored manual can sell for in excess of $1,000.

You would crammer all over a manual like this for $297 if it brought in the sales.

How about $197… still a bargain.

But you do not have to pay that price !

The Objection Response Manual contains 141 ways to overcome 17 of the Most Common Sales Objections and is yours here ready to download.

Take a look -and become the Superstar Salesperson you deserve.
For the past 20 years my “How To Overcome 17 Of The Most Common Sales Objections” has been a massive help for thousands of people worldwide.

And I know it will help you too.
Believe in Yourself

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