Bonus Coaching Session


Stephen Pierce’s after lunch session (day two of the conference) was more of a business hour rather than how to talk on a paltform.

“Success in your business is not about marketing/sales/etc. It’s about being better than your competitors.”

Follow the formula:

  • Understand your vision: Why must I/we win?
  • Operational Plan: Where can I/we win?
  • Strategic Question: What will it take for me/us to win?
  • Tactical Question: How will me/us win?
  • Technical Question: What will I/we use to win? What will I/we do to win?

“We often can’t manage the trend that is happening in the market place but we can manage in what area we wish to compete.”

Stephen also spoke the five elements to be successful in business:

  1. Be Caring;
  2. Have Intelligence;
  3. Be Courageous;
  4. Maintain Discipline;
  5. Be Trustworthy.


Kurt’s Footnote:

I am a student and fan of Stephen Pierce’s yet this time he seemed a bit rushed in his delivery. A little leeway is given on my part because I know he was negotiating the set up of another seminar at the Convention Centre in Sydney at the end of November. An interesting point that I took from his presentation was that all the other speakers talk about sticking around and being accessible. Stephen didn’t do this although I did have an opportunity to have a chat with his lovely wife Alicia who is absolutely patient with attendees and spends the time answering everyone’s question.


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