Boost Your Festive Season Sales

 Hi Everyone

“Looking for those extra Christmas Sales…”

it’s not too late to get your customers to order

If you are looking to make more sales this time of the year this is the ideal time to contact your mailing list.

Many people ponder for hours over what to get their families and friends for Christmas.

They rack their brains, have panic attacks and can str*ess over what presents to give.

They may even yell, scream, cry and get very emotional.


This is where you can help.

Let me explain…

Existing customers are already your friends.  You have their contact details and they will love you for contacting them letting them know what you can offer them out of your products and services they may be able to give as presents.

You can phone them, send them a letter, flyer, brochure or any other direct mail correspondence.


the most economical and affordable way to get an immediate message out to them is via email.

And this is where I can help.

I have been called the ‘Email Marketing Guru’ by Mal Emery Australia’s leading millionaire maker, entrepreneur and marketer.

“Kurt has dis*covered the way to get your emails opened, read and acted upon” – Mal Emery.

Normally we build an email marketing system for clients using our spec*ial software and sit down with them and construct a years’ marketing strategies so they are always prepared to help and assist their clients every day of the year.

We then help compose, edit and transmit their emails though our servers to ensure maximum pene-tration and delivery of their sales message.

One of our clients said this to us:

“Kurt, the response we’ve received from the email you sent has been phenomenal.  People are coming in while we are still placing letters in envelopes to send out the same promotion by mail.  I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it for myself.  Thank you very much, this campaign has been a real winner”
Sam Raslan, Owner, Byblos Mediterranean Cuisine – Adelaide.

This campaign had an open rate of emails at 30% with an 80% read rate (exclusive figures provided by Johansen International).  Most direct mail campaigns work off a 2%-4% rate.  So you can see why the owner Sam was so excited.

So HOW can I help you get your message to your customers during this str*essful buying time for them.

Well…I can’t guaran-tee I get you Sam’s figures because email marketing works in this way.
1. The list
2. The relationship you have with your list
3. The offer you are making to them.

but I can do this for you…

and,  I have never offered this to anyone before.

I have created for this holi-day sea-son a dedicated email sending system exclusively for my mailing list whereby I can send out your emails for you without the necessity for you to create your own system.

The way it works is we upload your database into our dedicated system, help compose and edit your spec*ial Christmas, holi-day or even ‘closing down for the year’ sale and send it out.  This normally would require you to have a dedicated system built costing $2,497, and then $197 per email campaign we send to your database.

But I am NOT going to charge you that.

I am going to waive the $2,497 dedicated system built fee and allow you to be guided and hand held by me to get your message out direct into your client’s email box for $197 per email campaign sent regardless of the size of your email list.

That’s right if you have 400 on your list it would cost you $220 for stamps, not to talk about paper, ink, envelopes and time if you sent it by mail.

If you have 1000 on your list it would cost you $550 plus to get your letters to them.

But my fee for this spec*ial offer is only $197 per email letter sent regardless of the size of your list.

And as a bo*nus…

when you decide to join this spec*ial promotion I will give you statistics to let you know how many were opened and how many times they were read – absolutely fr*ee. 

And my personal guaran-tee that if we do not get at least a 5% open rate (250% times more than the normal direct mail statistic) then the email campaign is FR*EE.

That’s right if after sending out your email we do not get at least a 5% open rate I will refund your $197 for sending the email and wasting your time and mine.

You take absolutely NO RISK.

Let me recap what I am offering here:

Allow me to set you up in our dedicated email sending system and forward your spec*ial holi-day/christmas offer to your clients and I will waive the normal fee of $2497.

Once we agree we have the right message compiled and it is tested in our unique spam avoidance filters and mailout programs we will press the button to deliver your messages to your clients for one low fee of $197 per email campaign sent.


If we do not get at least a 5% open rate the entire exercise to you is absolutely fr*ee.

So there you go; a way to get to your customers, quick, easy, fast with your holi-day sea-son spec*ial offers and promotions.

But don’t delay.

My staff have got wind of this offer and have yelled at me for doing it.  They thought they were heading towards the ‘Great Australian Shutdown’ and wern’t expecting extra work coming their way.

Seriously though, we can only take on 7 clients using this promotion.

And we need to start doing it right away

So, if you are even remotely thinking about getting more business at this time of the year this IS the way to go – email marketing – IT WORKS.

Contact me immediately – the details are in the signature.

Cheers and Great Selling
Kurt Johansen

Johansen International
Direct: 0412 94 77 33
Grab my new book “7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read” at
PS: We detest spam too. We will not touch or use your database for any other reason except to send out your email campaigns for you.

PPS: This is a spec*ial promotion which will be removed after the first 7 people contact me to come on board.  Don’t delay as this offer may fill today.

About Kurt

I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt


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