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Goodbye Johnno

John Anthony Messina:

1 November 1947 – 9 November 2007

It has been a couple of weeks since I have written any blogs.

For me it has been a time of sadness, yet loving  & appreciative moments.

Let me explain…

My very good friend John Messina was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago.

John (known to me for 30 years) as Johnno, undertook radiation treatment, chemotherapy and received numerous blood transfusions during this time.

Johnno always remained positive and optimistic that he would recover and continue to lead a fulfilling life.

Johnno walked into hospital on the 30 October 2007 with a view to receive a couple of days rest and nurse pampering.  He was feeling a bit tired and run down and thought some good food, kind and caring attention would see him back pottering around in his garden.

Johnno never left hospital.

The illness and disease which ravaged his body was too great to fight.  Johnno succumbed and took his last breath on 9 November 2007.

He remained strong in mind to the end, only his body could not resist the ugliness of cancer.

Whilst sad and heart rending I was very fortunate to have spent Johnno’s final days very close to his bedside.  We reminisced, sipped cups of tea and even placed bets on the horses (one of Johnno’s favourite past-times)

Johnno did not suffer, nor was he in pain.

He never knew his time was so limited yet once accepting of his fate remained full of pride and dignity that his 60 years on earth was well spent and without regrets.

I will miss you buddy and so will many others.  You will always be in my thoughts.

Rest in Peace.


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  1. Denise Macadam says

    I came across your site in the process of searching for something else, anyway, it made me smile and I am very happy for you – I had a look at your very first Archived entry and then found this post about Johnno, it really knocked the wind out of me and I am so sad now. Such a lovely gentle soul he was and I think what you wrote was very heart felt. If I look hard enough I probably still have a photo of him in a cowboy outfit complete with a big smile.
    I am sorry you lost such a lovely friend and I just felt a need to say so.
    4 boys no less, goodluck to you and your site is great.
    Best Wishes,

  2. tony messina says

    john was a good man, and your support of him during this heartbreaking time has shown what a true friend you were and i will forever be gratefull to you.
    john we will all miss you ,rest in peace.

  3. Your support and dedication to your close friend has been wonderful to watch. How lucky you are to have had such a close friendship with a true gentleman. I will really miss Johnno to!

  4. Kurt this is a very inspiring story about obviously a great man. You’ve shown great inspiration about how being a true friend can make all the difference – especially in the most important and difficult times.

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