How To Get More Clients in Your Business

Welcome to this business lesson on How to Get More Clients in Your Business.

Many of my clients over the years wished to jump in and start advertising, which in itself is commendable but it….is Dangerous.

Let me explain…

All fishermen know that it takes different bait to capture different fish.

And so it is in business.

Different advertising and marketing will attract different clients.  Therefore it is crucial to know what type of client you wish to attract.

Make sense?  Good.

So let’s first put into place the necessary steps to ensure only the best clients are attracted to you.

It is important to understand

  1. WHAT type of clients you are after;
  2. WHY you wish to have them and then;
  3. HOW to attract them.

Stephen Covey in his best seller: “7 Habits Of Highly Successful People” discussed the importance of Beginning With The End In Mind.

Successful People all know what the final outcome of their project looks like.

Whether you are building a sporting stadium or you are working to renovate a house; it is crucial to know what the END RESULT will look like.

And so it is the same to attract the right clients.  You must know what your best clients ‘look like’.

To help take a look at this model.

If you are not sure what type of clients you wish to attract you can start with what type of problems you can solve.

You notice I have not mentioned what type of products and services you can deliver.

This is because…

It is important to commence from the Customers’ or Clients’ perspective.

It is never about your skills – it about what the customer needs.

An old marketing analogy says…

“…the customer doesn’t want a drill they want the hole the drill can produce.”

And so it must be for your way of thinking too.

What problem does the customer need to be fixed?

If you are a tiler than the customer may want:

  1. To replace eroded grout to stop the water leaking through to the walls;
  2. Broken tiles replaced to prevent water damage and maintain appearance; or
  3. A complete maintenance to upgrade to the latest trend.

The clearer you know what problems you are solving, the clearer you are on your business, and the more valuable it will be.

When it comes to attracting your ideal clients it needs to come from what you wish to become first.


  • What type of business do you wish to create?

Are looking for world domination or are you happy to have a small team or are you better off working alone?

  • What type of lifestyle are you looking for?

Are you happy to work weekends or would this affect your sporting or social life?  Are you available early hours, late nights etc.?  It’s your life – what type of lifestyle do you want?

  • What are you good at and happy to do?

What specific work are you good at and enjoy?  No matter what we get paid if you do not enjoy what you do you cannot do it at your optimum level.  (Sure it may get done but you know deep down you can do better.)

Once you understand what you wish to become in your business it is time to start to grow your income.  And the best part is there are only three ways this can be done.

  1. Get more customers;
  2. Have existing customers buy more frequently;
  3. Have existing customers buy other products and services from you.

Most people want more customers but is this the quickest and best way to grow income for you?

It may be, however, we need to understand the Ladder Of Loyalty to determine the quickest and easiest way first to grow your business.

On the bottom rung of the ladder are Suspects.  People whom we Suspect will do business with you.

On the second rung are Prospects.  These are people who have shown an interest in what you have to offer but have not yet bought.

On the third rung up are Customers.  Customers are people who have bought from you once but are not yet loyal as they are happy to buy from anybody who solve their problems.

On the fourth rung are Clients.  These are people who have bought from you more than once yet are still prone to shop around.

Then there is the top rung.  The pinnacle.  The Advocate.  Advocates only buy from you.  They are loyal and would not contemplate to shop around unless you have done something terrible and unforgiving to them.

The task now is to determine where each person on your existing ‘customer list’ stands on the Ladder of Loyalty.  This will enable you to determine the advertising and marketing campaign you need to undertake to achieve either of:

  1. Get more customers;
  2. Have existing customers buy more frequently;
  3. Have existing customers buy other products and services from you.

Let’s delve into this deeper.

If your business is new and you do not have any people on your customer list then it makes sense to use strategies to bring in Suspects.

How to Attract Suspects

The easiest way to find Suspects is to buy or hunt for them.

What I mean is…You may need to:

  • outlay money to buy adverts in Facebook, Google, Instagram, your local paper, trade magazines and publications where your ideal customer may hang out;
  • place notices on your local supermarket’s ‘community area’ to draw attention on how you can help people;
  • create flyers and undertake letter box drops;
  • write a sales letter.

All this will be determined by your budget.

If you need to attract Suspects you must have a strategy to collect their name and contact details, preferably an email address.  This way you can continue to market to them and progress the Suspect up the Ladder of Loyalty.

In today’s digital world the ability to collect the First Name and Email Address is CRUCIAL so you can deliver added messages.

Consider a webpage to do this.  You can start with a basic four page website for around $1200-$2000 which can be optimised to attract local prospects. 

How to Attract Prospects

The easiest way to find Prospects is to use the contact details of the Suspects you collected in your earlier marketing campaigns.

If you captured their name and email address you can now start to solve their problems.  Remember people wish their problems to be fixed.

Identify their concerns, and weave in your products and services.  Tell them how these will help them and then tell them how to get it.

A strategy I use for email marketing is shown by this model.  I call it my Email Marketing Step Diagram


The First Step is to create the target or goal you wish to achieve with the marketing campaign.

Then sequence a range of topics or articles in a logical upward motion to achieve the target.

The key is don’t expect one message to a Prospect will persuade them to become a customer.

If it does – terrific.  But marketers have known for years it often takes up to seven messages to cause a prospect to Act.

How to Attract Customers

The key to attract Customers lies within the first two steps on the Ladder of Loyalty.

If you do these first two steps correct the Prospect will buy from you.

Once they become a customer it is imperative you do not leave them high and dry.

A downfall of businesses is to continue to look for new customers and not serve their existing ones.  You may have files full of existing people’s contacts already.  Contact them.

When a customer has bought from you they are more likely to buy from you again.  (Provided you delivered a fair product/service at a fair price.)

To do this you have to be in the ‘front of their mind’.

So the marketing strategy becomes what other information can you provide which they will value.

If we stay with the tiling analogy then it would be worth to provide your customer with specific ways to:

  • Effectively clean tiles;
  • Reduce water erosion of the grout;
  • Provide long term maintenance tips.

How to Attract Clients

This is where we look at strategies to elevate Customers into Clients.

Clients are people who have bought from you more than once.  You already have a relationship with them.

The specific strategies used to attract Clients are to provide extra solutions to Customers’ problems or offer different products or services to them.

This is where you need to have strategies to the points two and three of ‘Ways to Grow Your Income’:

  1. Have existing customers buy more frequently;
  2. Have existing customers buy other products and services from you.

For example delve deeper into the make-up of your Customer to determine how else you can help them.

How To Attract Advocates

Advocates are the top level of the Ladder of Loyalty.  This  type of person will use ONLY your products or services.

The way to attract them is to offer your Client special deals.

I am not talking about discounting.  I am talking about providing them with ‘valuable to them’ services you don’t offer to Customers, Prospects and Suspects.

It could be an exclusive invite to an event or a special promotion.  It could be first use of a service before the public is informed.

Invites to sporting events, concerts, the theatre and other events work gangbusters to these types of people.

The main point is to remember they are loyal to you so be loyal in return.

As you can see there are many ways to attract new clients or to get existing customers to buy more or buy more often.

It will depend on where you are in business and the marketing dollars you have in your budget.

I know it can be confusing so here is a recap.

Putting it Altogether

  1. Decide on what type of business you wish to become;
  2. Create marketing materials to increase income in these areas:
  1. Get more customers;
  2. Have existing customers buy more frequently;
  3. Have existing customers buy other products and services from you.
  1. Create marketing materials to attract each level of the Ladder of Loyalty.
  1. Use the Email Strategy Diagram to plan your marketing campaigns.
  1. Consider a website with name and email address capture capability so you can continually market to people.

It can be confusing so here is where you can get help.

I am offering a free 15 minute chat with me to help you on your way.

During the call I am going to ask you a bunch of questions to work out the  quickest and most affordable way to gain extra income into your business.

From there you may be given an opportunity to work more closely with me.

I will identify IF and HOW I can help you.   

If I feel I can’t help you I will let you know politely and do my best to point you in the right direction.

If I feel I can help we’ll book another time to talk about how – is that OK?

Yes the first call is free.

You have nothing to lose but I am only interested if you are ready and serious about growing your business.

Contact me at: to book your call.


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