“Cold Call Selling – Does It Work???”

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“Cold Call Selling – Does It Work???”

For years sales people have been told to keep cold calling,
eventually someone will buy.

I even remember an old sales video which, I used in my early
training days which pronounced:

“If you make a $100 sale from every 20 calls treat it as making
$5 per call.  Don’t worry about
making the unprofitable 19 calls because
YOUR number is 1 in 20.  So make 100 calls a day and you will get
5 sales and $500.  So GET TO IT, phone 100 people today.”

But the unfortunate part of this type of selling is:

  1. the 95 people who received your call didn’t like it and could
    ultimately damage your reputation; and
  2. ALL sales people detest cold calling as nobody’s psychology could
    really continue to take 95 rejections out of 100.

Some years ago I  remember helping a country radio station increase
revenue; but the first thing I did was to have their salespeople
CEASE cold-call selling.

The manager of the station went bonco at me when he heard what I did because
that is all his sales staff ever did.  They would get on the phones
and ring local businesses and ask the owners if they wanted to buy radio time.

This system was neither profitable nor image building for the radio station
as both the business owner whom was contacted; nor the
radio salesperson were comfortable with the cold call.

but guess what – somebody liked it.

It was the…

Radio Station Manager; and as he wasn’t involved in the transaction he
couldn’t see the negative impact it was doing. The few random sales
this technique was bringing in kept his “spreadsheet numbers” happy.

There is a better way to make sales and it comes in a three-step system.

  • Create the Interest;
  • Overcome the Objections; and
  • Close the Sale.

If you create enough interest in your marketing to satisfy the prospects curiosity they will contact you about your products and services then you will never need to Cold Call again.

When they contact you they are automatically in the position of needing something.

And here also lies the difference between “Cold Call Selling” and “Marketing”.

If you LEARN how to market you will never have to sell again


WILL NEVER have to cold call again.

In my next post I will give you more details how to Create The Interest
in your marketing efforts.

Cheers and Great Selling

“Australia’s Email Marketing Guru

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