Your Prospects Are In One Of These Three Stages

Belvedere Colour MegaphoneIn my last post it read…

“You Cannot Persuade People To Buy Things They Don’t Want”

In the past 24 hours I received numerous emails from people asking me to expand on this matter and to provide examples.

So here is the point any person who undertakes sales should understand…

The prospect has to first acknowledge they are interested in the product or service you offer.

Yes, the first move is always from the prospect.

Then the prospect’s depth of interest will determine how close they are to buy your product or service.

Let me explain…

Say you sell Fertilisers…

You may have a glossy brochure or a terrific sales spiel to close the sale but this is only good for those ready to buy.

What about people who are not sure yet ?

Those who think they need fertiliser but are undecided ?

What are you doing for these people ?


Let me help here and expand.

I have previously written about the Ladder Of Loyalty.


But now I wish to introduce you to The 3 Stages Of Prospect Buying.

Let’s go back to the Fertiliser example.

Stage One: Awareness
Is a prospect who has realised his crop or flowers are not producing as expected.  He may be even falling behind in yields or what his competitors are growing.

He is not sure sure though what he should do.  He has heard about fertilisers but has always avoided them.

He may wish to stay organic or he may be afraid of the affects on the crop.

This is a where you could have an Ebook on “Introduction To Growing With Fertilisers” or something like this.

You could even have an introductory pack with a video – at a low fee or free.

It is necessary for people in Stage 1 to have information.

You need to be able to tell them as much as you can about why they should buy.

Stage Two: Considering
Is a prospect who wishes to undertake fertilising but needs further convincing.  This is where ‘proof’ is required from farmers, CSIRO, scientific testing etc. if necessary. 

You will need to overcome every objection for prospects in Stage 2.

This book may help you:

Objection Response Manual
Stage 3: Decision To Move Forward
Prospects at this Stage have been convinced what you have on offer will benefit them.

They now wish to proceed with a purchase of your products or services.

In our Fertiliser example the prospect is requesting a quote, looking for an agent to visit their farm, or wishes someone to assess their needs.

The two businesses are now engaged with a view to close the deal.

There you have it The 3 Stages Of Prospect Buying.

Do you have your marketing right to deal with all three prospects ?

Email engagement is still the most cost effective way to get your messages out there.

Need help…

You know where I am.


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