Do You Have An USP ?

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Do You Have Your USP Yet?

It stands for Unique Selling or Sales Proposition

One of the biggest issues any site, niche based, or mainstream faces, is their unique position in the market.

If you’ve not got a unique position, then you’ll find that you’ve got nowhere to ‘stand out’ or promote yourself.

For instance I am known as Australia’s Email Marketing Guru.

What are you known for in your business ?????

USP’s were originally defined around the 40’s, as a position a company took to make them stand out from their competitor and make the customers of said competitor switch to them.

It works, basically, as an understandable and tangible reason for people to buy your product, over that of other, competing products – clear and tangible can be actual, measurable reasons, or a benefit that your competitor doesn’t offer.

For example, a bank in the UK is promoting themselves on the concept that their:

  • Call centres are all in the UK – so no one is dealing with crackly lines, or broken English due to the call centres being based in a lower cost area of the world.  (Hmmm… seems Australian Banks should consider this !)
  • They have no middle men – which means there’s no commissions to pay to anyone.
  • They have NO share holders, so don’t charge money for things that should be free.

That’s the USP for that bank – and its resulted in many people switching to them.

Your unique selling position is a clearly defined statement of what your business stands for – what makes it special.

It’s the thing that makes your business all you.



Your USP could be your customer service position – whether it’s to do with your response time, or your guarantee, in fact it can be anything that makes you ‘different’ from your peers.

The only caveat to this is to make sure it’s a clear difference – anything unclear, or too technical may not work, or be completely overlooked by your customers, thereby creating no reason for them to switch to you or choose you over their competitors.

Here’s a couple of examples where big businesses have used an USP with success.  See if you can identify the company.

1. The Burgers are Better at …………………..

2. Finger Lickin’ Good

3. Things Go Better With…..

Get the picture?

Try not to make it too wishy washy like I have seen on many butchers’ windows.

“Please to Meet You – Meat To Please You”

This doesn’t say anything about how they are different to their competitors.

Make sure you create your USP which identifies how you are different from your competitors.

Especially in these economic times – customers are and will become more discerning.

Cheers and Great Selling


PS: Leave a comment and let me know what your USP is.  I’ll send it out to my list which will effectively be good advertising for you.

PPS: Include your URL in the comment – I am happy for people to take alook at your site.

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