Don’t Make These 3 Email Marketing Mistakes

Hi Everyone

I received a query from a friend and client who was a little disturbed
his email “open rates” were low and his “bounce rates” were high from a recent marketing email he sent out.

I looked at his campaign and agreed.

He made 3 common email marketing mistakes.

Email Mistake Number 1
Firstly, for his bounced emails we need to look at them individually and
discover why they bounced.

His previous method of sending emails never allowed him to view
bounced emails. The program he now has can.

By viewing ‘bounced’ emails you can clean up your list.

In fact I know many of the addresses he was using needed ‘cleaning’
up months ago. Unfortunately this was never done.

So, although the email addresses appear correct there are many reasons
why emails bounce. Often included in the bounced email message is why.

What I do is create an excel spreadsheet – look at the bounced email
and see if this address requires to be taken out of the list.

If so I place it in the spreadsheet and remove in bulk.

As for the OPEN rate this will be higher when you take into account
or take away the bounced emails. This will increase the percentage.

Then I looked at his email.

Email Marketing Mistake Number 2
The Email Subject did not inspire anyone to open it. It contained a
bland subject line, and the recipients’ first name was omitted.

These are two crucial elements to get your emails opened.

By having a bland Subject Line many people would have just read it in the
preview frame and most probably deleted the email.

Email Marketing Mistake Number 3
The email also was void of a headline in main body. It acts as a
gateway or entrance into your main message.

In Summary
Sending emails is an art – it shouldn’t be used to get something
out there without following the true, tried and tested 7 Killer Tips I have written about in my book “7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read”.

It appears my friend had forgotten the lessons I taught him.

“Sorry to blunt buddy”;  I said to him when telling him this.

There’s a couple of things he can do to get better responses and actions to
his email.

1. Look at each email which bounced and dis.cover why.


2. Rewrite the email to the appropriate standards.

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