“Email Marketing Brings In The Best Return On Investment”

“Email Marketing Brings In The Best Return On Investment”
Are you missing out ?!

Research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association in America reveals some interesting facts about Email Marketing.

The return on investment from e-mail far surpasses other channels of marketing and advertising.

For every dollar spent in 2008, Email Marketing brought in .06 return on investment (ROI)

The Direct Marketing Association’s Power of Direct economic impact study revealed this compares favourably to non-email internet marketing of .94.  (Non-email internet marketing is classed as websites selling merchandise etc, but whose businesses do not market to clients through email.)

Compare this to statistics for Catalogue Marketing which delivered .28 for every dollar spent in 2008 and Email Marketing is by far the most cost effective and economical way to advertise.

Not surprisingly non-catalogue direct marketing’s ROI was .55 for every dollar in 2008, according to the study.

But what is surprising is…

Companies are slow to embrace Email Marketing despite the massive ROI advantage.

The Direct Marketing Association estimated marketers spent 0 million on e-mail in 2008 and will spend 0 million on it in 2009.

In comparison, the Direct Marketing Association estimated marketers spent .1 billion on non-e-mail Internet marketing in 2008 and will spend billion on it in 2009.

Telephone marketing and direct mail account for most of direct marketers’ spending with telephone accounting for 24% in 2008 and 23.2% in 2009, and direct mail accounting for 19.9% in 2008 and 19.8% in 2009, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

However, e-mail marketing’s growth during that period – 13.6% – was the highest of the various marketing channels.

This tells us…

Email Marketing is on the rise and consumers are looking at fast and efficient means to satisfy their buying needs.

In other news, the Direct Marketing Association projects that in 2009, for the first time Internet sales will surpass all other channels.

Businesses that can actively target their client groups with meaningful email marketing messages and direct customers to their websites are in for increased sales and greater return on investments than traditional marketing methods.

Email Marketing is cost effective, economical and sound business practice in today’s consumer environment.

The smart businesses will build customer loyalty, increase their brand awareness and decrease costly overheads.

The Direct Marketing Association went on to deduce, Email Marketing will have driven billion in sales by the end of 2008 and will drive .6 billion in sales in 2009.

Doesn’t it make sense to start Email Marketing in your business?

Cheers and Great Selling

Australia’s Email Marketing Guru

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