Email Marketing: Can I give you $4,221.00 worth of products ?

Hi Everyone

Can I give you $4,221.00 worth of products ?

Let me explain…

My 12 month email marketing coaching program is now open but for 72 hours only.

It’s my End Of Year Financial Sale.

It’s going to include paid up products and services which
are normally purchased by my clients.

But I am going to include these for you FREE of Charge if
you come on board and allow me to coach you for 12 months on
how to use email marketing to make money in your business.

To open with you will get…

A 12 month subscription to the email sending program I use, SmartEmail.

SmartEmail is THE software I recommend to all my clients and associates
because of its:

*ease of use;
*accessibility, no matter where you are;
*storage of unlimited contacts names, addresses and information;
*ability to create customised templates, forms and messages;
*autoresponder capabilities enabling you to send emails
*even whilst you sleep;
*ability to create customer surveys; and
*real-time statistics;


it’s one of the most affordable and cost effective programs on the market.

Smart Email is the complete comprehensive email marketing software
for you.

SmartEmail is the email sending program I use and recommend and is
priced at $49.50 pm x 12 months = $594.00 per year.

I will pay for a 12 month subscription for you. Total Savings $594.00


All new clients will receive a 12 month subscription to Pete Godfrey’s
Emotional Ad Writing and Marketing Newsletter.

Pete Godfrey’s Emotional Ad Writing and Marketing Newsletter will get
you on your way to produce cash producing magical marketing pieces
which will drive dollars into your bank account.

It is a hard-copy newsletter posted to your door every month. It contains
all the copywriting tips and techniques Australia’s leading copywriters use.

Pete’s Newsletter sells for $347.00 for a 12 month subscription.

I will pay this for you.

I spoke to Pete this morning and he has agreed to include as a favour to my
new clients to also receive the following bonuses:

• FREE BONUS GIFT #1: 52 Monday Morning Wake Up Calls. This is a one or
two-page motivating sheet, to encourage you, to highlight winning behaviours
and thoughts, so you stay on track from week to week. You get a FULL year’s
collec.tion… the FULL 52 of them in one giant manual. (Valued at $1,000.00)

• FREE BONUS GIFT #2: NEW! Show me the money! A new report that gives you the key to the money vault. (Valued at $197.00)

• FREE BONUS GIFT #3: NEW! Insider’s Guide to What it Really Takes to Fill a Seminar!
PLUS SPEC.IAL BONUS REPORT: Insider’s Guide to Making it Stick (Valued at $299.00)

• FREE BONUS GIFT #4: 3 Powerful CDs with Hot Sheets! (Valued at $287.00) Includes…

– CD & HOT SHEET #1: The #1 Secret For Maximum Response!
– CD & HOT SHEET #2: Price Reinvention: How to Stretch the Price Barrier
– CD & HOT SHEET #3: Success Without Guilt

• FREE BONUS GIFT #5: 20 Minute Fast Track Call with Pete Godfrey. Spend 20
minutes with me and let me tack.le any copywriting, marketing or mindset problems you
are facing. (Valued at $500.00)




I have twisted Pete’s arm so you will also receive his Emotional Ad Writing System
absolutely FREE… valued at $997 as well.


Total free bonuses and gifts are:

SmartEmail: A 12 month subscription to the email sending service $594.00
I use and recommend.

Pete Godfrey’s 12 month Newsletter & 5 Free Bonus Gifts $2,630.00

Pete Godfrey’s Emotional Ad Writing System $997.00

Total Fully Paid For Gifts and Bonuses FREE to You $4221.00

All of this is FR.EE when you allow me to hold you by the hand and guide and
lead you into email marketing to help your business attract money and cash.

I have never offered this before and not likely to do it again.

It’s just that I have been helping many of my clients lately with End
Of Financial Year Sales campaigns. I thought I better do one myself !

Now, don’t be fooled by other offers and negative thoughts here.

I am no novice at this and to business consulting.

I have:

  • a 21 year banking background, including 3 years in the marketing dept.;
  • a successful consulting business of 12 years;
  • a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) qualification.

My clients over the years have included:

Hilton International Hotels
BRL Hardy
Australian Institute of Management
SA Police
ETSA Utilities
Business SA

And now I work with a bunch of extremely likeable and eager
group of business owners seeking to gain a better lifestyle
for their families and their employees.

Are you one of these too?

If so then my 12 month hands on email marketing coaching
program is for you.


I must warn you.

I will only work with people who are driven to succeed, are not whingers,
and are looking to improve the cashflow in their business.

If this is you… AND I know it is…

The you can pre-register your interest today by emailing me at

You will need to undertake a pre-screening inter-view with me
before you are accepted into my coaching program.

I know this will not be for everyone and maybe you are not ready
just yet.

But if you know you need to drive more dollars into your
business in the next 12 months, the time to start is now.


When you pay your investment before the 30th June you will
receive the ability to claim it back on your tax in only a few days time.

So, %%First Name%% allow me to c.oach , help, assist and show you
how email marketing can drive dollars into your business.

And allow me to give you $4,221.00 worth of products.

Email Marketing is an Art not an Act.

Let me show you how to do it successfully.

If you are ready to take the plunge and learn how to bring in
the extra dollars you deserve then email me NOW.

Believe in Yourself

About Kurt

I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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