Email Marketing – Do They Check Email or Facebook First

Hi Everyone

Yes, it’s a question ALL email marketers should consider.

That is…

Do your customers read their emails first or do they dive into Facebook to find out the latest overnight ‘goss’?

You see people’s habits will affect the way they react during the day.

Research tells us if people open their emails before checking out Facebook then they generally are more receptive to receiving special deals and offers via email.

People who jump into Facebook are more likely to be receptive  to offers sent to them by friends via Facebook.  They also look for GREAT DEALS by becoming Fans of a particular Brands Facebook page.

So, what should we do as email marketers to best use this knowledge?

First, we need to understand that simply crafting an email to your email list and then placing this ‘advertisement’ onto Facebook may be unrewarding


A marketing email should be targeting someone in the ‘first person’; whereby a Facebook ‘advert’ is targeting a group of people.

If this is confusing let me explain it this way…

When we send a marketing email it should be written as if the recipient is in belief it was written directly to them.  It should only contain sentences structured in the ‘first person’.

This way of writing is impossible to do on Facebook unless you ‘Private Message’ everyone which is time consuming and improbable to do.

The Message you would be posting on Facebook would be ‘generic’.

Sure it would contain your own immutable style but essentially it can be seen as trying to grab many people.  What I call ‘Shotgun Marketing.’

What to do

So, what should the email marketer do after they had obtained if a person views emails or Facebook first?

1. If you have an Email First client ensure you have an Offer and special deal in the email or in a link to a website.  Email First customers are transactional (task orientated) and they wish to get to the offer quickly.

You could direct them to a Facebook Fan page but this would be done in the PS’s.  Try to avoid sending Email First customers to a Social Media site until after they have viewed your offer.

2. For Facebook First customers rearrange your Offer on Facebook to be lively, fun, interactive for these Social people.  The Offer could be the same as the Email First customer but as you are now trying to attract a group as opposed to one-person the style and balance should be alive, and social.

3. Don’t get trapped too much into the age of the person and stereotype them as young, so they are Facebook people.  Behavioural styles are developed early and a person’s age will not necessarily fully explain whether they are Email First or Facebook First people.

So therefore…

4. Allow cross-promotion to occur with your messages.  i.e. Facebook First people may be happy to receive emails direct from you.  Give them the ability to do so.  Make it easy for them to sign up to receive your marketing emails.  You never know they may be an Email First customer after all.

There you have it.  Not really too hard is it.

But I can hear you say…

How do I find out if my customers are Email First or Facebook First people?

The answer lies in a method all marketers should use.

That is…


Cheers and Great Selling

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