Email Marketing: End of the Financial Year Messages

Hi Everyone

It’s nearly the end of May and I have seen an abundance of
advertising lately offering  great deals for The End of the Financial Year.

The stockbroking firm I use to receive weekly market tips and insights
sent me an email today with a special offer to sign up for one, two or
three more years.

Very tempting.

And yes…

The mega deal and best value is the 3 year offer.
(Excellent tactic and I may have to take them up).

This time of the year lends itself to a great opportunity for you too.

What can you offer your clients as an End of Financial Year offer?

What products and services can you provide them?


What bonuses can you give them to entice them to take up your offer?

As they say in the classics…

“You are only limited by your own imagination.”

Email Marketing is about technology and strategy.

If you are lacking in one or both of these, I can help.

Contact me NOW !

Believe in Yourself


About Kurt

I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt


  1. Thanks Mike – now ACTION those ideas. Kurt

  2. Pleasure Jen and thanks for the post. I keep saying to new clients – forget about the technology. You will learn how to drive it. It’s more important to know which way to go and arrive at your intended destination! We then tell the ‘technology’ to take us there. I find people get caught up with ‘but what program should I use?” For me – “Depends on what you wish to achieve.” “Let’s talk about that first”. Kurt

  3. Hey Kirt, Great post.

    You are right about “technology AND strategy” … this is often not understood and of course overlooked.

    It’s one thing to have a tools, quite another to have the know-how on the most effective ways to use them.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. A great reminder, Kurt. I offered a website promotion last year for end of Financial Year and ended up with three new clients. It’s a great way to lock in a new client, just so long as you don’t undercut yourself in your business. :))

    Another great promotional idea that I succumbed to recently was a product where a local auto mechanical shop offered 12 months free labour on all car jobs. I jumped on that, thinking I’d be taking my cars in and getting them serviced. Cost me $149. The only problem is I know that when I take my car in they are going to find other issues and now I’m thinking that I’ve opened a can of worms. Best to make sure you have no worms in your can when you make the offer! Great for cash flow in the short term but we are all after long term customers, I think you will agree. 🙂

    Just some thoughts.


    Hi Hayley, thanks for the post. Yes I understand your thoughts – you really are only going through ‘Buyer’s Remorse’. It happens to every one. To overcome this the auto mechanic should have sent you other messages to help overcome this. I teach this tactic to my email marketing clients. Build the relationship and they stay long term customers. Cheers Kurt

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