Email Marketing: Has Kaboodle Changed Or Simply Testing?

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For those who follow me will know I am more of a fan of email marketing by copywriting.  That is to get people to act by the words which are written.

Other examples of email marketing is what I describe ’email brochures’.  That is; highly visible and selected images are included in an email to entice the reader to click a link to further check out a product.

This second type of email is used primarily by retail type stores.

One particular on-line store I follow is Kaboodle.  I receive their newsletter in my inbox.

What I have recently discovered was Kaboodle changed their email template design.

It used to be 24 pictures in the templates.  Refer my previous post.

Today I received their marketing email with only 5 pictures.


Not sure when it happened.  It could have been months ago.

Interesting to hear why, and their strategy behind it.

Last time I posted about Kaboodle , Erika Lenkert
VP of Content & Community, Kaboodle  – sent me a lovely email.

Erika if you are still at Kaboodle –

“Why the shift in email design to 5 items?”

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  1. Thanks for replying so quickly Erica. I really appreciate it. The two newsletters make a lot of sense. There you have it everyone. Not a strategy change but two different marketing newsletters. Do not dismiss what Kaboodle is doing here. They are catering for two types of markets with two different styles of newsletters. Sure many clients will be on both lists. That’s Ok. They are effectively doubling their opportunity for sales. Mix up your email marketing, try different methods to determine what best fits your audience. And then email. – Kurt

  2. Hi Kurt!

    We just love that you follow and talk about us. Thanks!

    I’m happy to chime in anytime. To answer your question, we have not yet changed our newsletter strategy. We currently have two types of newsletters. One is the pretty 24-picture grid, which is sent out weekly and features the best community-curated products (as determined by our editors). The other, which you are showcasing today, is a deals-oriented addition that is sent out once a month.

    Hope this clears things up and thanks sooo much!


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