Email Marketing: How To Get Your Emails Noticed.

Hi Everyone

This week I talk about getting your emails noticed.

The first part of an email a recipient reads is the ‘From Line”.

You have a few choices what to use here, including:

* Your company name: (i.e. Johansen International);

* Your name: (i.e. Kurt Johansen);

* The position name of someone in your business: (i.e. CEO – Johansen International);

* The email loyalty program name: (VIP Club – Johansen International); OR

* your name and a description of your services: (i.e. Kurt Johansen – Email Mastery).

The choice should be based on what you think most recipients are likely to recognize.

Your first and last name is quite a useful relationship building technique but it must be recognisable to your recipients.

If you are sending to a list of people who know you and are expecting your emails then you may use your names successfully. i.e Kurt Johansen.

This particular ‘FROM’ technique works especially well for small businesses who have a personal relationship with their clients.


If you are sending to a list as an employee or from a business where the business name is primarily known then it may be wise to use the business name. i.e. Johansen International.

Whatever you choose be consistent.  If you change, it may confuse your recipients which could lead to ‘unsubscribes’.

Please DO NOT use “sales@abccompany”, or “admin@abccompany” etc. as these will not help build a relationship with your lists.

Also keep in mind many emails are now read on mobile phones. Therefore it also pays to get your ‘FROM’ line identified early. i.e “Kurt Johansen – Email Mastery” rather than “Email Mastery – Kurt Johansen”;

An often overlooked element of the FROM line is a person’s email address. Try to avoid using ‘Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail addresses if you email market. Use your email address. i.e

Your real address will render a more personal touch when it comes to email marketing.  If you do not wish people to reply to the FROM email address (as it is your personal email address) this can be organised.

Email Marketing programs allow you to program where the return/reply email should be directed to.

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Cheers and Great Selling
Kurt Johansen
Email Marketing Strategist

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