Email Marketing: I dont know what to say.

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I had a client tell me, “I know I should be contacting my customers but I don’t know what to say.”  “I am a retailer, not a marketer.”

I looked at her puzzled and replied, “Aren’t you both?”

You see it’s not about being one or the other.  It’s about having an ongoing conversation with your customers to enable them to understand and stay informed how you can help them.

The problem my client had was she wasn’t thinking, “How can I help my customers?”

She was thinking, “How can I sell  my products?”

But really even if your thoughts are purely into sales let me help with a method I employ to generate ideas.

The First Point is always decide what the end result is.

You need to know where you are going with your marketing.

You need to have an end point and it needs to measurable.

Let me explain.

The purpose of an email marketing campaign is to achieve something.  I mean really have an end in mind.

Stephen Covey wrote 15 years ago “Begin with the end in mind”.

Once you have decided what the end is you can work backwards.

Here’s a tool which will help.

It’s a Step Diagram.

The Step Diagram enables me to place logical and  sequential milestones in place to achieve the desired end result.

Here’s  my diagram to show you of the process to undertake.

Step Diagram

Step Diagram

Place the target you wish to achieve at the top and then place how you are going to get there on the steps.  I call these steps milestones.

Once you have completed the milestones you can complete the Actions required to get there.

I created the Step Diagram many years ago from my studies of Strategy Formulation.

It can used in everyday life or in the work place.

I use it to help my clients strategise their email marketing campaigns.

You can do this too.

You don’t need anything fancy, just a pen and blank piece of paper will suffice.

Let’s use the Step Diagram with a real campaign.  We just had Valentine’s Day so if we use this as an example.

The End In Mind would be a Valentine’s Day Offer.  It could be something on February 14th or it could a whole week of celebrations.

At the top of the Step Diagram goes “Valentine’s Day Offer”

But try to be specific.  What are you offering?

Then along the steps (milestones) you write down what you could say in say 3-5 different email messages before Valentine’s Day.

Email One could be an Introductory Email.  i.e.  Valentines day is only a month away.  Start planing a surprise for your loved one NOW.

Email Two would be on the next step moving closer towards Valentine’s Day.  It may be about, “Time to start really thinking – ONLY three weeks away.”  And offer some ideas of presents to buy; etc.

Do you get the point?

My client can do all this.  She just didn’t have a TOOL to do it with.

But now she has.

And so do you.

What is your next big day, event, moment in your business?

Start planning your email campaigns well in advance.

I like 3-5 emails in mine but have also gone as many as 7.  It just depends on the lead time and the size of the event.

Hope this helps so you never again say, “I don’t know what to say.

Cheers and Great Selling

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I'm passionate about helping people in small to medium businesses get BIG results from email marketing. Email Marketing is about 1. Your List 2. Your Relationship With Your List and 3. Your Offer. When you get the three in unison, watch your profits soar. If you're not sure what I mean. Contact me. I can and will help. Believe In Yourself - Kurt

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