Email Marketing: “More Marketing Secrets Of Paris Revealed”

“More Marketing Secrets Of  Paris Revealed”
Paris reveals another secret for those who take time to learn

One of the stunning charms of the City of Paris is its ease to traverse.

The City, often described as being shaped like a snail shell,  is broken 
into 20 districts or arrondissements

The first arrondissement is at the center of the city, near the Seine river. 
Subsequent arrondissements spiral out clockwise. 

You can easily find out what arrondissement you’re in by looking for 
street plaques on corner buildings.

You have an abundant of choices to travel around Paris.

There is of course Shank’s Pony.  Which is a plausible and a much used method
of transport on my recent visit to the romantic city.

Other transport means are:

  • via an open double decker bus;
  • the underground train system, known as the Metro;
  • and via taxi or Tour Van.

open double decker bus.jpg  metro paris.jpg  tour van.jpg
Open Double Decker Bus                     Metro Train – Paris                               Tour Van


river seine.jpg

     Maybe it’s a smooth cruise down the 
     River Seine which allures you ?



Simply put – the lesson here is ‘provide many avenues for your
customers and clients to reach you.’

  • Do you have an easy to navigate website.
  • Do you have a Twitter account ?
  • Do you use Facebook or other Social Media ?
  • How about LinkedIn ?
  • Do you email regularly ?
  • Do you phone or mail out to your customers ?
As the King of Siam said, “Etc. Etc. Etc.”

It doesn’t which methods you employ because all businesses are different


Make it easy for people to find and reach you.

This is one the SECRETS of Paris.

Its accessibility

What do you think?
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In the meantime:
Believe In Yourself

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  1. Yes, it’s true Peter. Consistency and Persistency is critical. PS: I know Persistency is not a word before everyone jumps down my throat. But hey, it sounds nice !

  2. And the return on investment with consistent email marketing is HUGE. We all need to keep talking to our lists. Great article Kurt

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